Sunday, August 28, 2011

August Faves!!

I can't believe that it is almost September already?? How fast has this year gone! So much has been happening lately with moving house, getting another puppy, renovating, exploring new career options it's been a bit insane. But throughout this month these were the products that kept me purrrty :) 

August Faves :)

This month has been a month of extremes for me in terms of makeup. I've either been going for a really natural look or I have been rocking a smokey eye. 

For days I felt like I needed a bit of darkness in my eyes I have been relying on my Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero and MAC's Woodwinked. 

Woodwinked, UD 24/7 liner in Zero, Napoleon Whole Lotta Lashes

These two paired together make a gorgeous smokey eye. What I do is smudge the liner over the lash lines (upper and lower) and out onto the lid. I then smudge Woodwinked over the top and line my waterlines. 

UD liner in Zero, Mac's Woodwinked

Top it all off with my mascara of the moment and another fave for August Napoleon's Whole Lotta Lash and you have a gorgeous smokey eye.

Napoleon Whole Lotta Lash - got this free in InStyle mag - SCORE!!

On days I wanted a bit more of a natural look I have been loving cream products. Nyx Jumbo eye pencils in Milk and Yogurt have been my go to for my natural eye. I place Milk in the inner corner and brow bone (and smudge it out) and yogurt on the lid (smudged out) for a nice natural looking eye.

Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencils in Milk and Yogurt

I would then add my cream blush, still loving the Australis creme colours for this (review here).

L: Flirtatious Pink, R: Dusky Rose

And top it all off with a liquid illuminator on the cheekbones. This month I have been loving Revlon Skinlights (sadly discontinued) in 01 Natural Light.

Revlon Skinlights L: swatched heavily, R: blended

For some reason this month I have gone back to using my paddle foundation brush. I go through different stages in the way I apply foundation. Sometimes I use my Sigma F80 flat top kabuki, other times I will just use my fingers but lately I have been loving the regular old classic foundation brush to apply my foundation. It's quick, easy and looks good. 

Sigma Foundation Brush F60, Revlon Skinlights

My last fave is a bit of a random find. My hands get super dry and I usually always have hand cream on me but lately Blake's been stealing all of mine! (grrr) So one day at work I was wandering through IGA when this moisturiser caught my eye. 

Redwen's Organics Moisturiser in Orange & Bergamot

I use the Redwin Vitamin E cream and love it so I assume that is what drew me in. But then I smelt it and this stuff smells awesome. A mixture of oranges and well I have no idea what bergamot smells like but I guess it's that. (Like my description there...duh Hannah just read the name of it) Anyway it has been a lifesaver for my dry hands and it's not greasy, which I love and it doesn't contain any nasties!

So there you have it, my monthly faves :) Hope you enjoyed.

Let me know what your favourites were for this month

Hannah xox


emmabovary said...

Your photos are lovely :)
I have no idea why I don't own Woodwinked, it's so pretty. Orange and Bergamot sound like they'd make a nice hand cream, I'm a sucker for a nice smelling hand cream.
Great favourites! x

Aoife said...

Hi Hannah! Ive just found you! :)
Greetings from Ireland :)
I keep saying I need to try some Nyx and I haven't! Must get on that! :)

Hope youre well x

Hannah said...

@Emma Thanks :) We had a nice sunny weekend here in Perth so it was great for my blog photos!! The cream is so yummy I can't stop smelling it at work haha

@Aoife Thanks :) I only recently got the jumbo pencils and already love them, so much so that they are here in my faves! Definitely check out some nyx. I got mine from Cherry Culture. I just checked out your blog and love it, we seem a lot alike!

Nancy :D said...

Great favorites~
The Australis creme colors look really nice!

Hannah said...

Thanks Nancy!! They are awesome, I LOVE them!!

Nancy :D said...

No the Yanqina mascara is from Asia. Maybe they copy each other and make the exact same mascara! lol.

Hannah said...

That's so strange coz it looks identical to the bourjois one!

e. Xx said...

I have really been wanting to try those NYX jumbo eye pencils!

Hannah said...

You should definitely order some!! They are great to use as a base. I love Milk to use in my inner corner and under the brow bone and Yogurt is so pretty on the waterline. I got mine from Cherry Culture :)