Sunday, September 4, 2011

Product Review: L'Oreal Base Magique Face Primer

Sorry about the lack of posting this week I have been a bad beauty blogger!! 

Today's post is a review on a face primer I recently bought. It is the L'Oreal Base Magique Primer. 

This is the 3rd face primer that I have tested out. The other two are Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot and the Face of Australia Face Base 3 in 1 Primer SPF 15. I found those primers ok but I didn't really notice any difference in the time my makeup lasted, which is the main reason I was using a primer in the first place. So I kinda went a bit off primers after that. 

Then I purchased the L'Oreal Base Magique and boy have I changed my mind about primers. Applying this cream before I apply my foundation makes my foundation last twice as long as normal no joke!

This is a silicon-based primer so it feels very velvety on the skin and makes your skin feel extremely smooth. The other two primers I own aren't silicon based and I think that is why there weren't as effective as this one at keeping my makeup put. 

It is quite a thick consistency but if you rub it between your fingers first and then apply it doesn't feel as thick. You might think because of the thickness it would feel heavy on the skin but I don't find this is the case. I still use a moisturiser before applying this primer as it doesn't offer the skin much moisture.

See how rich and thick it is?

What L'Oreal says it does;

"A unique blend of silicon oils and soft light powder create a sensational smoothing velvet formula to refine the skin. Smoothes wrinkles and fine lines. Perfectly hides pores. Skin Imperfections are corrected. Prolongs foundation wear and sets make-up." (Taken from the box)

What I believe it does;

  • It definitely prolongs the wear of makeup. My makeup lasts a full day at work and then some when I have this underneath it. 
  • Smoothes the skin. It does makes your skin feel a lot smoother and makes the foundation glide on better. It sinks into any imperfections such as fine lines and stops the makeup settling in them.
  • It does to an extent correct skin imperfections. I mean it isn't going to magically make your skin look flawless but I find that it does help tone down my redness and any spots I have.

Swatched on my arm

The cons;

  • For some people the fact that this is a silicon based primer might put them off. Frankly I don't know too much about the effects of silicon on the skin...except that Blake uses it at work and it never comes off his hands! This comes off just like any other makeup with some makeup remover.
  • For the size I think it is a little pricey. This retails for $29.95AUD and only contains 15ml. I have been using this for a couple of weeks and there is already quite a large hole. 

See the very noticeable hole??

Would I re-purchase? 

Despite the price-tag I would re-purchase this, especially if there was a special on and it was discounted. Even if it wasn't I would still re-purchase to have for times when I need my makeup to last the distance. 

Where can you get it??

I purchased this in Priceline, however I assume it would be available in most places that stock L'Oreal products.

Have you guys tried this primer? Do you use a primer? What's your fave?

Hannah xoxo

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