Sunday, August 28, 2011

August Faves!!

I can't believe that it is almost September already?? How fast has this year gone! So much has been happening lately with moving house, getting another puppy, renovating, exploring new career options it's been a bit insane. But throughout this month these were the products that kept me purrrty :) 

August Faves :)

This month has been a month of extremes for me in terms of makeup. I've either been going for a really natural look or I have been rocking a smokey eye. 

For days I felt like I needed a bit of darkness in my eyes I have been relying on my Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero and MAC's Woodwinked. 

Woodwinked, UD 24/7 liner in Zero, Napoleon Whole Lotta Lashes

These two paired together make a gorgeous smokey eye. What I do is smudge the liner over the lash lines (upper and lower) and out onto the lid. I then smudge Woodwinked over the top and line my waterlines. 

UD liner in Zero, Mac's Woodwinked

Top it all off with my mascara of the moment and another fave for August Napoleon's Whole Lotta Lash and you have a gorgeous smokey eye.

Napoleon Whole Lotta Lash - got this free in InStyle mag - SCORE!!

On days I wanted a bit more of a natural look I have been loving cream products. Nyx Jumbo eye pencils in Milk and Yogurt have been my go to for my natural eye. I place Milk in the inner corner and brow bone (and smudge it out) and yogurt on the lid (smudged out) for a nice natural looking eye.

Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencils in Milk and Yogurt

I would then add my cream blush, still loving the Australis creme colours for this (review here).

L: Flirtatious Pink, R: Dusky Rose

And top it all off with a liquid illuminator on the cheekbones. This month I have been loving Revlon Skinlights (sadly discontinued) in 01 Natural Light.

Revlon Skinlights L: swatched heavily, R: blended

For some reason this month I have gone back to using my paddle foundation brush. I go through different stages in the way I apply foundation. Sometimes I use my Sigma F80 flat top kabuki, other times I will just use my fingers but lately I have been loving the regular old classic foundation brush to apply my foundation. It's quick, easy and looks good. 

Sigma Foundation Brush F60, Revlon Skinlights

My last fave is a bit of a random find. My hands get super dry and I usually always have hand cream on me but lately Blake's been stealing all of mine! (grrr) So one day at work I was wandering through IGA when this moisturiser caught my eye. 

Redwen's Organics Moisturiser in Orange & Bergamot

I use the Redwin Vitamin E cream and love it so I assume that is what drew me in. But then I smelt it and this stuff smells awesome. A mixture of oranges and well I have no idea what bergamot smells like but I guess it's that. (Like my description there...duh Hannah just read the name of it) Anyway it has been a lifesaver for my dry hands and it's not greasy, which I love and it doesn't contain any nasties!

So there you have it, my monthly faves :) Hope you enjoyed.

Let me know what your favourites were for this month

Hannah xox

Quick Tip: The Eraser

So the other day I attended a makeup basics class and we were taught this awesome trick that I wanted to share with you guys.

Have you ever created the perfect eye look only to have it buggered up when you get a dot of mascara on your eye? Or even worse a smear?? 

Well here is the solution..

Take a clean dry cotton bud and on the tip place a little bit of the product that is directly under that mascara. Then rub that tip of the cotton bud over the smear and watch it disappear!!

Seriously guys this works and has been such a lifesaver since I found out about it. This can also be applied to the face if you somehow manage to get something that's not supposed to be there on there. Just use the product directly under it to wipe it away like magic!

I hope this is useful to you guys in the future :) That is if you didn't already know about it.

Hannah xox

Monday, August 22, 2011

My sis stared a blog!!!

Hey guys,

Just wanted to tell you that my sister, Jess has started her very own blog!! Now it's not beauty related but it is about food (the next best thing!)

Check it out here.

She is a great cook and will no doubt have some amazing recipes on there!!

Hope you're all having a great night,

Hannah xox

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I've passed 50 followers!!

Just a quick note to say thank-you to my followers!! So excited to have reached over 50 of you and hopefully you are still enjoying reading and commenting on my blog. I love blogging, it's given me a great outlet to express my obsession with make-up. 

So thanks again and I look forward to blogging for a long time to come :) 

Hannah xoxo

Our new puppy!!!

So this weekend was a very exciting one as we added a new addition to our little family :) We thought Robbie was getting lonely throughout the day while we were at work so decided it was time to get him a little friend to play with.

We decided on a Kelpie x Kelpie/German Shepherd as Blake's always had keplie's in his family and he just loves them.

So without further ado.....

Meet Tasha!!

Isn't she not the cutest thing in the world??? (Apart from Robbie of course! haha)

Hope you guys had a great weekend!!

Hannah xoxo

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dupe Alert: MAC Girl About Town Lippie

While swatching my lipstick collection the other day I noticed that two of the colours I own look very today I decided to investigate it a little further and believe I may have stumbled upon a possible dupe for MAC's lipstick in Girl About Town.

The possible dupe?? Rimmel's Moisture Renew lipstick in 320 Funtime Fuchsia.

How are they similar?
  • Both are very moisturising formulas;
  • They are both scented, although a prefer the vanilla smell of the MAC to the floral and slightly waxy smell of the Rimmel;
  • Both are reasonably long-wearing;
  • They both have nice packaging, although the Rimmel's bright purple tube is a tad cuter. I also found that the Rimmel lippie seems to lock together a bit more securely than the MAC one.
  • Both are very pigmented.

How they differ?

  • Girl About Town is slightly more on the cooler toned side when compared with Funtime Fuchsia which has a clear reddish undertone to it. So on colour they are not an exact dupe.
  • Funtime Fuchsia also has a little bit more of a glossy finish to it;
  • Price wise there is a huge difference. In Oz the MAC lippie retails for $36AUD where as the Rimmel retails for $13.95AUD.

MAC's Girl About Town

Rimmel's Funtime Fuchsia

L: Rimmel, R: MAC

While they are not an exact colour match they are both very gorgeous hot pink lippies with quite similar formulas that feel nice when applied to the lips. If you don't like the idea of spending $36 on the Girl About Town lipstick I would definitely recommend checking out Funtime Fuchsia. You can purchase MAC lipsticks from the Mac website or in-store. Rimmel is available at most chemists and pricelines around the country. 

Robbie prefers the smell of the MAC lippie haha

Have you tried either of these lippies???

Hannah xox

Sunday, August 14, 2011

NOTD: Galaxy Nails the Easy Way

I don't know if you guys have seen this trend floating around the blogosphere but I think it's amazing! It's galaxy nails, where (extremely) talented girls paint their nails to resemble space!

Here are some pictures I found to demonstrate;

Link to where I got the pic here

Link to where I got the pic here

I wish I was this talented at doing my nails! I have pretty shocking nails from working in retail I find that my nails are constantly chipping and cracking. I think this is why I find it hard to get inspired when it comes to painting them. But this is one trend I had to try.

Granted I took the (very) easy way out with this one but I still like the effect and wanted to share it with you, in case you are just as bad at me when it comes to painting your nails.

So here are the polishes I used for this;

Firstly I applied 2 coats of Ulta3's Midnight Fever polish.

This is a really pretty polish, but didn't go on
as well as my other Ulta3 polishes.

I then added one coat of Korean made Facelove's polish in Blue Cubic. This is a gorgeous glitter polish with a tonne of different coloured glitter in it and then larger reflective circle glitters.

How cute is this?? I won it in Lilit's giveaway a while back

I finished it off with one coat of the Maybelline Express Finish top coat to add some shine and protect the glitter.

And the result??

Here you can see the different colours that appear when the light shines on it

So there is my attempt at the new galaxy nails trend. I know it doesn't come close to what some other girls have created but I still enjoy the effect. I wore this out last night and couldn't stop looking at my nails!! It also looks a lot better in person than I could capture on film. I definitely recommend giving this trend a go :)

If any of you have tried this I would love to see pics!! What do you think of this trend? Would you rock it?

Hannah xox


Hey guys,

Just letting you know I am playing around with my design so don't be shocked if it changes a little bit. I'm trying to create banners etc but I am a bit of a newbie so just playing around at the moment. Hope you're all having a great weekend!!

Hannah xoxo

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Another haul.....

I know I know....I have been hauling a lot lately. I promise I will try to cut down. This is a clothing and makeup haul from a shopping trip I went on with my sis a week or so ago.

I've had Blake's parents over for a week giving us a hand with renovations on the house so sorry I haven't been posting that often. I will get back onto it this weekend. *praying for sunshine*

In the meantime here is what I bought :)

Cardigan from Cotton On $24.95

Oversized Tee from Cotton On 2 for $30 with top beneath

Oversized Tee or Dress from Cotton On

Sheer Coral Shirt from Cotton On $34.95

All About Eve Shirt $31.95 from Myer

High Waisted Shorts Navy from Myer $39.95

L-R: Australis Setting Spray, Australis Creme Colour in Dusky Rose,
Covergirl Tinted Moisturiser in 805, Modernista Palette by Models Own. All from Priceline

This was on special for $4!!!
Reminds me a lot of the pop-up Urban Decay or Too Faced palettes

How cute is this pop-up??

Eyeshadow swatches

Lip gloss/stick swatches

Told you I was getting another! Haha love this colour too ($7.96 usually $9.95)

Covergirl Tinted Moisturiser. Left: Blended out, Right: Heavily swatched ($13.80)

This stuff is great to use with my MSF natural

Hope you enjoyed the haul :) I especially love the Coral shirt, it is soooo pretty!

And for those interested here's what I've been up to...

Here's me pruning our flame tree! haha

What have you hauled lately?? 

Hannah xox

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Strawberry Net Haul :D

Hey Girlies,

I recently made my first ever purchase from and I must say I was pretty impressed!

You can find some great deals on Strawberrynet and what's even better is they often throw in free products :) As it was my first order with them I was eligible for a free gift and there was another promotion going at the same time so I ended up receiving 2 free products! They also have free shipping to anywhere in the world and my package took less than a week to arrive :)

So what was I buying you ask?? my new baby Dior Amber Diamond. This was my first ever Dior purchase and I have fallen hard for this little baby. It is a gorgeous highlighter which I think would work for any skin tone.

See how shiny and beautiful!!

It was packaged beautifully, in a box and then a velvet pouch
with a protective cover over the powder.

I was first introduced to Dior Amber Diamond from Tiffany at Will Work for Makeup. She raved about it so much, then I saw it popping up all over the blogging community and decided it had to be mine.

So I marched myself down to Myer only to be told by the Dior lady that it would set me back $78.00 I know I know I shouldn't have been shocked but I was because I knew I had seen it online for less than $50. So I promptly marched myself back home and placed my order online haha (sorry aussie economy!)

Look at it!!! So pretty!
Swatched all together first and then individually as appears above.

The 2 free gifts that I received were a Stila Eye shadow Duo in Tatiana and a Calvin Klein Fully Delicious Sheer Plumping Lip Gloss in #213 Gossip. The Stila eyeshadow was my first introduction to the brand and I have to say I am not very impressed with this. It's not overly pigmented and I just wasn't all that impressed with the texture or application of the shadows. Stila definitely has some making up to do for me haha

Tatiana eyeshadow duo

Nothing too special :(

The CK lip gloss is nice but not overly impressive, it is plumping although I am not so sure I believe it actually plumps your lips. It definitely has that tingling sensation however. The colour is hot pink which I like and it is really really glossy.

It felt tingly on my arm haha
And here's my first attempt at a lip photo haha

So in the end I have 1 exceptional product, 1 so-so and 1 flop. I still think I did ok for $47.00! haha

Have you guys ordered from StrawberryNet?? Do you have any of these products??

Hannah xoxo