Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dupe Alert: MAC Girl About Town Lippie

While swatching my lipstick collection the other day I noticed that two of the colours I own look very today I decided to investigate it a little further and believe I may have stumbled upon a possible dupe for MAC's lipstick in Girl About Town.

The possible dupe?? Rimmel's Moisture Renew lipstick in 320 Funtime Fuchsia.

How are they similar?
  • Both are very moisturising formulas;
  • They are both scented, although a prefer the vanilla smell of the MAC to the floral and slightly waxy smell of the Rimmel;
  • Both are reasonably long-wearing;
  • They both have nice packaging, although the Rimmel's bright purple tube is a tad cuter. I also found that the Rimmel lippie seems to lock together a bit more securely than the MAC one.
  • Both are very pigmented.

How they differ?

  • Girl About Town is slightly more on the cooler toned side when compared with Funtime Fuchsia which has a clear reddish undertone to it. So on colour they are not an exact dupe.
  • Funtime Fuchsia also has a little bit more of a glossy finish to it;
  • Price wise there is a huge difference. In Oz the MAC lippie retails for $36AUD where as the Rimmel retails for $13.95AUD.

MAC's Girl About Town

Rimmel's Funtime Fuchsia

L: Rimmel, R: MAC

While they are not an exact colour match they are both very gorgeous hot pink lippies with quite similar formulas that feel nice when applied to the lips. If you don't like the idea of spending $36 on the Girl About Town lipstick I would definitely recommend checking out Funtime Fuchsia. You can purchase MAC lipsticks from the Mac website or in-store. Rimmel is available at most chemists and pricelines around the country. 

Robbie prefers the smell of the MAC lippie haha

Have you tried either of these lippies???

Hannah xox


G A B Y said...

Great find, and that pictures with your doggie is too cute!

e. Xx said...

This is a great review! And I'm super excited because I own Funtime Fuchsia! Haven't worn it yet, only swatched it. These two lipsticks look really similar once applied on your lips! Thanks for sharing :) Xx

PS -- I got my UD palette from ACW, it arrived safely and I'm in love with it! Thanks for telling me about that website! x

emmabovary said...

A really thorough post, I was contemplating Girl About Town so am happy to have something else to try out! Your doggie is the cutest, and your lips are the prettiest I've pretty much ever seen (am very jealous!)

Hannah said...

@GABY :) Robbie is a sweetie. We just got a new puppy to join him on thursday and she is such a cutie too. I will have to show her in a post soon!!

@e. Xx Thanks!! Definitely give it a go, it's got more of a reddish tinge to it compared to Girl About Town's cool undertones but still a great lippie. Yay!! So happy you got your palette safe and sound, which one did you decide on??

@emmabovary Wow what a compliment!! Thanks so much, no-ones ever told me that before haha

Haute_Style said...

Great post! I think I'll have to get the MAC one as Robbie loves it the most! HEHEHEHE!
Such a stunning colour! I really really love it! Perfect for Summer

MSodapop said...

Wow, what a great dupe find! <3

Tara said...

I have girl about town but i have only worn it once!
I wore it to a show, but i haven't had the courage to wear it since!
I am really new to wearing the bright colors. Maybe summer will be perfect to pull it out and wear it again
Great post xx

e. Xx said...

@Hannah, I got the Black palette, and am {very impatiently} waiting for the Naked to arrive!!! x

Hannah said...

@Anni He definitely likes the vanilla smell haha It is a great colour, definitely will get some use in summer.

@MSodapop Thanks :) Glad you like it!!

@Tara: It is realllllly bright haha I love wearing bright lips when going out though, not enough people do I think so when you do you definitely stand out.

@e. Xx Yay!! I want the black palette too haha The Naked palette is AMAZING! You will love it. I really want the 15th anniversary palette but I haven't been able to find it online that will ship to Oz for a reasonable price :(

Vita said...

Great post! Girl about town was on my wish list but Rimmel's more within my current budget. Love your blog BTW :)

e. Xx said...

@ Hannah, I REALLY want the 15th Anniversary palette too! So please, if you find somewhere that will ship here, let me know!!! Xx

Hannah said...

@Vita Thanks so much!!

@e Xx Will do for sure :)

Jen W said...

been wanting to try Girl About Town for awhile, but looks like you found an amazing dupe!

Hannah said...

Thanks Jen :) It's a great shade

MariaKristela said...

These are very lovely colors! I love them both! :)

Hannah said...

They are :) Thanks

claire said...

these are both gorgeous colours

Hannah said...

Thanks Claire :) I just checked out your blog, love it!!

Anonymous said...

wow!!!!!! they're almost exactly the same!!!!! btw your dog was soooo cute sniffing your hand!! ;) i wish i had a dog like that

Hannah said...

Yeah they are pretty similar! Haha yeah he's a funny one always wants to be next to his mummy and seeing what she's doing xo