Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Strawberry Net Haul :D

Hey Girlies,

I recently made my first ever purchase from Strawberrynet.com and I must say I was pretty impressed!

You can find some great deals on Strawberrynet and what's even better is they often throw in free products :) As it was my first order with them I was eligible for a free gift and there was another promotion going at the same time so I ended up receiving 2 free products! They also have free shipping to anywhere in the world and my package took less than a week to arrive :)

So what was I buying you ask??

Well.....meet my new baby Dior Amber Diamond. This was my first ever Dior purchase and I have fallen hard for this little baby. It is a gorgeous highlighter which I think would work for any skin tone.

See how shiny and beautiful!!

It was packaged beautifully, in a box and then a velvet pouch
with a protective cover over the powder.

I was first introduced to Dior Amber Diamond from Tiffany at Will Work for Makeup. She raved about it so much, then I saw it popping up all over the blogging community and decided it had to be mine.

So I marched myself down to Myer only to be told by the Dior lady that it would set me back $78.00 I know I know I shouldn't have been shocked but I was because I knew I had seen it online for less than $50. So I promptly marched myself back home and placed my order online haha (sorry aussie economy!)

Look at it!!! So pretty!
Swatched all together first and then individually as appears above.

The 2 free gifts that I received were a Stila Eye shadow Duo in Tatiana and a Calvin Klein Fully Delicious Sheer Plumping Lip Gloss in #213 Gossip. The Stila eyeshadow was my first introduction to the brand and I have to say I am not very impressed with this. It's not overly pigmented and I just wasn't all that impressed with the texture or application of the shadows. Stila definitely has some making up to do for me haha

Tatiana eyeshadow duo

Nothing too special :(

The CK lip gloss is nice but not overly impressive, it is plumping although I am not so sure I believe it actually plumps your lips. It definitely has that tingling sensation however. The colour is hot pink which I like and it is really really glossy.

It felt tingly on my arm haha
And here's my first attempt at a lip photo haha

So in the end I have 1 exceptional product, 1 so-so and 1 flop. I still think I did ok for $47.00! haha

Have you guys ordered from StrawberryNet?? Do you have any of these products??

Hannah xoxo


rach. said...

thank you so much hannah! i'll have your link up in no time. :)

ps: i love this lipcolor on you!

love, rach.

G A B Y said...

The Dior highlighter is soooo pretty! Great buys (:

prettyinthedesert said...

I have heard great things about strawerrynet! I actually really like Stila products, so I'm sorry you didn't have a great first experience :( but the gorgeousness of the dior highlighter more than makes up for it!! :)

Vintage Makeup said...

Always wanted to order from them, but didn't trust the site. :) I may order sometime

Hannah said...

@Rach It's a great cause, happy to be apart of it :) Thanks!!

@GABY I know I love it so much, so happy I bought it.

@Prettyinthedesert Maybe I just got a dud duo haha I might have to try some more Stila if you really like it. Amber diamond definitely makes up for it!!

@Vintage Makeup Definitely do. I knew of enough people that had ordered from them so I trusted the site and now I have ordered from them I would definitely order again. They package everything really well too.

Anonymous said...

i've been tempted by the dior highlighter, although the price has always put me off! spending £28 on chanel bronze universal is my limit lol fab pictures! x

Hannah said...

How do you like the chanel bronzer? I have been lemming that for ages! I think it's because of Pixiwoo they make it seem like a miracle product.

It's the most expensive makeup item I own and so far I love it. There's something about the luxury of high class products. Obviously I can't afford to buy them all but I think one here and there is ok haha

Thanks for your comment :)

Sherry said...

Wow, great products! The Dior highlighter looks gorgeous! And I love the lipgloss color! Great blog! :)


Hannah said...

Thanks Sherry :) Amber diamond is my new baby haha