Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Current Love: Australis Creme Colour

So you may have seen in one of my recent posts that I purchased an Australis Creme Colour. The brand has completely revived their image I think lately. Going from a brand for teens to one that caters for a larger age bracket. 

I purchased the Creme Colour for lips and cheeks in Flirtatious Pink and it was love at first swipe!

The Good??

  • The colour is GORGEOUS! 
  • The formula is not too sticky and reminds me a lot of the Nars cream blush formula. 
  • Blends really easily on the skin and does not leave you with a spot from where it's first applied.
  • Cute packaging, the lid screws off and there is a clear plastic top so you can see what colour it is. The plastic doesn't feel cheap or like it would break easily.
  • The price! $9.95 for this little fella.
  • You can use it on cheeks and lips.
  • Gives your cheek a nice glow.

The Bad??

  • If you don't like scented products you won't like this. It has a strong lavender smell although once on the skin you can't smell it.
  • Not a big range of colours. I think there was only 3 or 4.
  • When used on the lips it is quite drying but used with a balm it's ok. 

The Swatch

Heavily Swatched (left) Blended Out (right)

Still not sold? Check it out on my cheeks;

I'm also wearing a little bit on my lips in all these pics.

I'll definitely be picking up the other colours soon!! 

What do you think of Australis these days? Have you tried these creme colours??

Robbie wanted to say hi! haha


Megan said...

This looks pretty, I'm going to have to investigate these - I'm really getting into cream blushes lately. I'm still not all that sold on Australis, I'll always think of them as a brand for teenagers but if they're improving the quality of the products I'd be more interested in buying their stuff.

Vintage Makeup said...

Robbie is so cute!

It sounds lovely except for the scent, not fan of scent products except for lippies :)

emmabovary said...

You've convinced me- I've always looked at these, even popped it into my priceline basket, but never went through with it. I will now, thanks x

Hannah said...

@Megan Yeah they haven't completed sold me yet either. Like I tested some of the foundations and that and I'm still not happy with their quality but this cream blush is fab! I also swatched some of the eyeshadows and they impressed me quite a bit.

@Vintage Makeup Robbie says thanks! haha Yeah the scent is pretty strong although it doesn't bother me, once it's on my face I can't smell it.

@Emma Yay!! I hope you like it :) I have to pick up the other colours soon xo

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog & I really like it! I love reading other Aussie blogs (especially when it comes to Aussie products)So I am now a follower. Keep up the good work :)

Hannah said...

Thankyou :) That means so much to me. I'm glad you like it. I checked out your blog too and followed, already read a few pages and love it haha

Nice to see another perth blogger.


Haute_Style said...

Wow. I actually really like this product! That colour is fantastic! I think I'll have to get it now!!!

Haute_Style said...

PS- Rob is soooooooo cute!!!

Hannah said...

Yay I hope you like it!! I saw on their website they have an orangey coloured one so I think that will be my next shade.

Blake said that photo of Robbie is so ugly and no-one would like it haha shows him doesn't it!!