Saturday, July 30, 2011

A couple of regrets..

So recently you may have seen that I hauled a few Models Prefer products. I had high hopes for them but sadly they have fallen short and have become dreaded product regrets. 

Duo Concealer on top and Mineral Duo to the right. (The Australis blush I love - see here)

They are the Mineral Eyeshadow Duo in Rocker Chic and the Duo Concealer in shade 01.

I'll start with the eyeshadow. I've tried Models Prefer eyeshadows before and quite liked them so I thought that I would like this too. In the pan the colours look gorgeous, a beautiful golden shimmery colour on one side and a deep purpley-blue on the other.

That's where the positives stop unfortunately. I found these shadows extremely hard to apply to the lid. Using a brush was useless as it hardly picked up any product and what it did pick up you could barely notice on my lid. I tried using my fingers to apply them and this worked a touch better but was quite messy as you really need to dig at the product to get it to apply, which as you can imagine equals a tonne of fallout. 

I also tried to apply these wet and that didn't work either, it just created an even bigger mess. So while the swatches of this look great I would steer clear unless you really want to work at it to get it on your eye. 

Gold, purple and then mixed together

See how pretty the swatches look?? I wish it worked this well on lids :(

Now onto the concealer. The reason I purchased this was because it reminded me a lot of the Bobbi Brown colour correctors. It has a salmoney pink side to banish dark circles and a skin coloured one to use as your concealer. 

Skin colour and Salmoney colour (yes salmoney is now a word people!)

I think the colours are great and the salmon colour does disguise dark circles to an extent. The problem I have with this concealer is the consistency. When I apply it under my eyes or to my skin it just slides right off. It just won't stay put. Since I like to apply my concealer before my foundation (to cover redness and dark circles) it doesn't work well if it just swipes right off under my foundation brush. 

It had so much promise *sigh*

So I still haven't found a replacement to my beloved discontinued Maybelline dream mousse concealer :( These regrets haven't deterred me completely from the Models Prefer brand, I still love their mascara and the other eyeshadows I have tried that came in a big set. 

Have you tried these products? What are some of your recent product regrets??

Hannah xo


e. Xx said...

Oh what a shame about the eyeshadow, because the colours are gorgeous! I haven't yet tried any of the Models Prefer products, but did check out their line of brushes today. Do you know if they are worthwhile?

Hannah said...

Yeah I was hoping it was going to be good. I don't own any of their brushes but I have looked at them a few times and contemplated buying them. They are really soft and seem like they would be good. Not sure about shedding and what not though as I haven't used them. The only thing that stopped me buying them was I already own a lot of brushes, but I will probably pick some up in the future haha *addicted*

e. Xx said...

Haha, I'm completely addicted to brushes also, totally understandable ;)

prettymom said...

i thought about getting those concealers because they remind me of bobbi brown concealer too! thanks for the review i'm saving my money for something else.

Hannah said...

Glad I could help :)