Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Fave Youtube Beauty Gurus

Discovering the beauty community on Youtube has got to be one of the best things I have ever done (although my boyfriend might disagree). I have learnt so much about make-up and beauty from watching all the tutorials and reviews that I was never taught or knew. I'll admit now that I am a tiiiiiny bit addicted...well a lot addicted to watching videos and am currently subscribed to about 120 girls and guys.

My friends aren't all that interested in make-up and beauty items so I think thats what attracts me to the online beauty community, finally having a place to share my interests and people that understand that it's ok to be obsessed about that latest holy grail must have makeup item.

So here they are my favourite youtube "gurus";

1. Pixiwoo - 2 sisters who are MUA's in the UK. They have got to be the best on youtube by far I think, their tutorials are always AMAZING! and they just seem like good people.

2. LegallyBrunette214 - Her name is Nikki and she definitely deserves more subscribers! Her tutorials are always beautiful and easy to follow. She's American and a budding MUA in the works (she's still young - only 19 I think which is crazy for the amount of talent she has).

3. Carly Cristman - I love this girl! She is one of the most stylish girls on youtube and her outfit of the day videos are always great. Her videos are more to do with style than beauty but she has some reviews and tutorials occasionally.

4. MakeupbyTiffanyD - I'm sure you are already subbed to Tiffany but just in case definitely look her up. Her tutorials are great and very easy to follow. She also has the most amazing eyelashes you will ever see!

5. MakeupGeekTv - Marlena is one of the sweetest girls (i feel weird saying girl because she's older than me but lady or woman doesn't feel right haha) on youtube. She is actually a MUA and does a lot of great tutorials and reviews.

6. FleurDeForce - She's a very sweet UK girl who loves makeup, I'm not sure what she does but she's not a MUA. She is quite young too I think but does some great reviews.

7. Goss Makeup Artist - He is a makeup artist from the UK. His videos are all quite short and to the point which is good and he gives great tips.

8. Carahamelie - She's a twenty-something girl from the states who is really sweet and you can tell is genuinely nice. She's a makeup artist in a small town and does a lot of makeup and hair tutorials as well as outfit idea videos. She's currently pregnant and does vlogs about it, which I never thought I would get into watching but she is so excited about it that whenever I watch one it makes me smile.

9. Frmheadtotoe - Jen is a US born Korean makeup artist and designer who does great tutorials and fashion vids, she's really cute and REALLY TINY!

10. JLovesMac1 - This girl cracks me up everytime, i don't necessarily watch her videos for the tutorials or anything but just to watch her because she's so funny.

So there you have it my top 10 :) It was hard to only choose ten as there are so many talented girls and guys on youtube these days! Let me know who your fave people are to watch :)

Hope your having a great weekend!! xox

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