Sunday, April 17, 2011

BYS Review: Eyeshadows

Australia is known for it's high cost of cosmetics even supposedly cheap "drugstore" brands such as Maybelline or Revlon are still considerably more expensive in Oz than say the USA or UK.

BYS is an Australian cosmetics brand sold in stores such as Gloss Cosmetics, Ice Accessories, The Reject Shop, K-mart etc. The brand has a large array of different products at very reasonable prices, most being under $10 - which is quite unheard of in Oz! 

This post will be one of a few that I will be writing on BYS products. I have quite a large collection of their products and tried to write a post overviewing the brand but it just got wayyy to long so I have decided to split it up into categories. This post is about their eyeshadows :)

BYS eyeshadows can be purchased in pan form, which can be placed in empty palettes that they also sell or in small palettes that are already put together. The pans are $2 each and are the same size as MAC shadows. The empty palettes come in 4 pan ($4.95) or 8 pan ($7.95) form, however if you remove the inner cavity you can fit 10 eyeshadows in the 8 pan palette. The already established palettes come in a variety of different sizes and colour combinations. They range in price from $4.95 to $7.95. 

8 pan palette
8 pan palette with cavity removed
Eyeshadow palette in #3 Olive Daze
Eyeshadow palette in #5 Black Steel
Now we have all the admin out of the way let me tell you what I think about these shadows.

The Good:

  • VERY pigmented
  • Super soft and velvety texture (even more than MAC shadows)
  • Blend beutifully
  • The price!! $2 for one shadow is a lot better than $33 for one MAC shadow.

The Bad:
  • Can be chalky
  • Fallout can occur so you need to be careful or do eye-makeup first.
  • The eyeshadows are numbered and not named (personally I prefer names as they are easier to recall which you own and which you don't when buying but its not that big a deal)

All in all I think these are great shadows, especially for the cheap cheap price!

Here are some swatches I have of my BYS eyeshadows;

L to R: 125, 124, 818, 300, 812, 803, #missing for this one, 405, 815, 817.
Swatches from Olive Daze palette (in order from top to bottom).
Swatches from Black Steel palette (in order from top to bottom).

BYS eyeshadows can be purchased in-store from Gloss Cosmetics, Ice Accessories, The Reject Shop and K-mart. Or online at Fashion Addict


Makeup and Macaroons said...

Great swatches Hannah. I don't have too many BYS eyeshadows, but I'm a huge fan of their lippies. Nice and cheap so I don't feel guilty for my purchases. I actually haven't seen the empty palette and refills anywhere, but it's a great idea.

Hannah said...

Thanks :) Yeah I love their lipsticks too!

They had the empty palettes at my gloss and then they disappeared but I found them on fashion addict (link in post) for same price so I got them off there. So affordable!!

Cindy Dy said...

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