Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Baby :)

So this post was always coming haha I've had my baby now for 2 and a bit years and we have been through a lot together, including breakups, interstate moves, new relationships etc..I love him so so much and can't imagine my life without him. His name is Handsome Rob and I think he definitely lives up to that! (And yes we stole the name from the italian job haha) Mostly he just gets Robbie but he does have many nicknames; burto, roberto, lish, bishy to name a few - don't ask me to explain even I don't know how with half of them haha

We do have some problems...he doesn't get along with my boyfriend, Blake. As soon as Blake gets home Robbie is out the door and will stay out there until I get home and his excitement overrides his dislike for my boyfriend haha We are slowly working on this problem and he is getting better with time. 

Here are some pics for you from pup to 2 years :)

So there you have my fur baby :) 


Karla:) said...

he is indeed a very handsome dog <3 i love his fur color

Hannah said...

Thanks :) yeah he is technically classed as "blue" haha