Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Product that Surprised Me: Mascara

Last year for Christmas I received one of the Models Prefer makeup kits from Priceline. It's sort of like a book that you open and it has 3 different eyeshadow looks with the products inside and it tells you how to create the looks etc. 

Anyway contained in that kit was a mascara. I assumed that the mascara wouldn't be all that great, just because Models Prefer is a cheaper brand and I usually find that with these type of kits the mascara is always pretty rubbish. 

However I gave it a go one day and boy did it SHOCK me! I LOVE this mascara. It is probably the most lengthening mascara I have ever tried and although it doesn't add a lot of volume I find I can build it up for a more dramatic look (without clumping) or keep it to one coat for a more natural feel. 

The wand is just the typical mascara wand, no fancy curves or twists. It is quite big, but not too big that it gets everywhere when you apply it. The bristles on this brush are great at separating and defining the lashes. The mascara is in the colour Jet Black and it is just that, very black - a must-have trait in any mascara I use. The formula isn't overly wet or dry, but somewhere in the middle, which I like as I find overly wet formulas tend to get a bit messy and formulas that are quite dry tend to clump more. 

Close up of the wand.
Here is a pic after one coat of the mascara, as you can see it can look quite natural if you want and it definitely lengthens and separates the lashes.

And here it is the after two coats, this shows you can really build it up for a more dramatic look. 

Excuse the orangeness of the pics, it was a really overcast day and I couldn't get any better shots. 

I am not sure if you can get this mascara separately or if its only available in the kits..sorry! I've seen the kits in Priceline though so if you want to give this mascara a try check there. Not sure of the cost of this mascara either as it was a part of a kit and that was a gift. However I don't think it would be all that expensive as it is from Models Prefer. Let me know if you find this mascara anywhere for sale separately as I know I will want to re-purchase when mine runs out.

Also let me know what products have surprised you and if you have used this mascara :) 

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