Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Nars Blush Collection

Nars to me epitomises high quality makeup and their blushes I believe are their stand-out product. To date I only own 4 Nars blushes, two powder and two cream. But I plan to buy more when my budget can afford it. Nars blushes retail for around $27 in the US, however here in Australia they retail for $62, hence my reason for purchasing them online! 

I began to fall in love with Nars after watching various youtube gurus rave about their blushes, so obviously my first choice of colour was Orgasm. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with Nars, Orgasm is probably their most popular shade. It is a universal shade that looks good on pretty much anyone and is many people's first choice of Nars blushes. Orgasm is a peachy-pink blush with gold flecks in it, it is on the shimmery side and therefore may not be for everyone. When I first bought Orgasm I had naturally high expectations, as it was my first "high-end" blush and I had heard a lot of hype over this product. I have to admit though at first I wasn't all that impressed with it - a shock I know! but I think that was only because my expectations were so unreasonably high, not much could have lived up to them. However, with time this blush has become a regular shade on my cheeks and I love it. 

The other Nars powder blush I own is Desire, which is a hot hot pink matte shade. 

This blush is extremely pigmented and needs to be approached with caution! However, when used correctly it is absolutely beautiful and I believe can look good on a wide range of skin tones, even pale girls (like myself) will like this one. You definitely need to be light-handed when using this shade, which is probably why I don't reach for it as much as my other blushes as I can have problems with being too heavy-handed and don't want to end up looking too clownish. Layering this blush under lighter blush colours is a good way I get use out of this blush and tends to tone it down to more a wearable everyday blush. Girls with darker skin may like this blush a lot more as they wouldn't have to be so careful using it, but I still think it looks beautiful on paler skin tones as well.

My third Nars blush is a cream blush and it is in the shade Cactus Flower. 

I bought this blush because one of my fave youtube girls (Carly Cristman) raves about it in a few of her videos. This blush again is very pigmented and could be a bit clownish if you don't blend it out properly or apply too much. But the colour of this blush is beautiful, its a bright reddish pink colour with little gold sparkles throughout it. Again this blush looks great when it's layered with lighter colours to tone it down a little or if you wanted a more dramatic blush look just on it's own. It's a great colour for the warmer months and being a cream formulation it will last a lot longer throughout those warmer days and nights.

The last blush I am going to talk about has to be my favourite Nars blush that I own to date and it is the cream blush Penny Lane.

It is a gorgeous light dusty pink flesh toned blush. I wouldn't say this blush is particularly shimmery but its not totally matte either, it does have a slight sheen on the cheek which makes it look even more appealing in my opinion. It might not be a good option for darker skinned girls as I don't know how much it would show up but on pale girls like me it looks amazing! In the photo it doesn't look very impressive but when applied to the cheeks it is just stunning.

Here are all the blushes swatched over Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot primer.

From left to right; Orgasm, Desire, Cactus Flower and Penny Lane


Makeup and Macaroons said...

Hi, thanks for following me and welcome to the bloggosphere!

I love Nars blushes too, but the prices at Mecca are just too ridiculous! Which online stores do you get them from?

Hannah said...

Hi :) Thanks btw I love your blog! Those macaroons u make look AMAZING!

I buy them off - the postage can take a while but they are the same price as in the US and theres a flat rate of 9.95 postage so it's not too bad. I'm looking at getting Gina next...when I can afford it haha

Haute_Style said...

WOW they are pigmented to the extreme! I think Orgasm is the safest shade for me... Can you post some pics of the blushes on your face? I'd love to see how you wear them (I hope I'm not sounding creepy).
I'll have to check out too!

Hannah said...

Haha not creepy at all. My camera isn't the best - I tried taking a couple of shots as I am wearing Cactus Flower today but you can hardly see it in the pic! :( I might have to keep playing with it and see if I can get it working for future posts.