Saturday, June 4, 2011

My New Makeup Storage!!

Hey guys! Hope you are having a great start to the weekend.

Blake (the bf) has bought a house (his first!! yay) not far from where we are currently renting and we will be moving house in a couple of weeks. The house is great, however there isn't a lot of storage space...especially in the bathroom and as you fellow makeup addicts know our collections need space!

So before the big move we decided I better get some drawers where I can store my makeup. I've been on the look out for ages for something better to store my makeup in, I found some clear plastic things at Ikea which have been doing the job but they take up a lot of room (which is ok atm as I have my own bathroom - going to miss this for sure!!). I looked in Howards Storage World and they have some really nice tower drawers but they are all like $100 plus. So I decided on the 10-drawer tower from Officeworks which set me back only $40. 

Here's what it looks like all set up :) I really like how it looks and think it's going to be great in the new bathroom.

On top I've got my brushes in 2 glass vases, which I got at Ikea for like 8 bucks each. And then in front I have this 3 box set that my mum got me ages ago which I've put makeup sponges, cotton pads and cue tips in.

In the first drawer is my primers, foundations, concealers and powders that I use on a regular basis (obviously not all at once!)

The second drawer is a bit of a mess, it just has random stuff and under that other foundations and concealers that I am not currently using for whatever reason.

The third drawer is my bronzer and highlighter drawer :) 

Fourth drawer has all my blushes in it.

The fifth drawer has a lot in it. It's all my eyeliners, eye primers, bases, mascaras, false lashes and single eyeshadows.

The sixth drawer is a heavy one, it is home to all my eyeshadow palettes and a few random quads. 

The seventh drawer contains all my lip products; balms, scrubs, glosses, liners and lipsticks. 

The eighth drawer is all my hair care stuff.

The ninth drawer contains some face stuff.

And finally the last drawer holds (barely) all my makeup bags and brush rolls.

This unit costs $39.98 and can be found here.

What do you guys use to store your makeup??

Have a great weekend xo


Prettyinthedesert said...

Oh that is so cool! I love how much stuff you can store in it for such little space! I think I might look for something like that, too! Good luck with the move :)

Hannah said...

Thanks :) yeah it fits a tonne of stuff and half of my drawers aren't even fully filled yet! I think it looks really good esp considering it was only 40 bucks.