Sunday, May 27, 2012

MAC & Physician's Formula Haul

So recently Catch Of the Day had a big MAC sale on. Usually when this happens their aren't many products that catch my eye as they are generally the less popular shades, however, this time I saw a few products I had been lusting over for a while so I snapped them up quick (or Mum did for me - I was at work).

Being the makeup junkie I am I also picked up a few of the new Physician's Formula products from Priceline stands over the weekend as well as a few random items.

MAC Omega Matte Eyeshadow

I bought Omega as I was in need of a matte brown colour for blending out my eyeshadow and this is perfect. It is a light colour so it's the perfect blending colour for those with pale skin.

MAC Nylon Frost Eyeshadow

Nylon is quite a popular shade and I can see why, its a great highlight or all over lid colour. This reminds me of an eyeshadow version of Nars Albatross highlight. 

MAC Hush Cream Colour Base

As you probably know by now I am a bit of a highlighter junkie. The pictures may make Hush seem more like a blush than a highlight colour but I can tell you it comes off a lot lighter than in the pan. It leaves a gorgeous pinky gold sheen on the cheekbones.

MAC Trace Gold Sheer Shimmertone Blush

Just as Hush looks like a blush but is a highlighter Trace Gold is a blush which looks like a bronzer! I'd heard Sarah Hawkinson on YouTube rave about this blush and always love her makeup so when I saw it on the website I snapped it up. Wore this today and its beautiful!

Physician's Formula Happy Booster Blushes Rose & Natural

These were all over YouTube a while back and as we are so far behind here in Oz these only just arrived in stores. They are so cute I could not resist picking them up. They come off quite light but are definitely buildable as you can see from the swatch. 

Physician's Formula Custom Eye Enhancing Gel CreamLiner for
Green Eyes - excuse the ripped packaging Tasha got to it!

Just like the blushes the gel cream liners have only just arrived as well. These are the creamiest gel eyeliners I have ever tried and the colours are absolutely gorgeous! They are also quite long-lasting as I discovered when trying to wash them off my arm and they wouldn't budge!

Savvy by DB Precision Pen Eyeliner in Blackest Black and
Models Prefer Metallic Black Eyeshadow Pencil

I was in need of a new liquid liner and the pen form is my favourite kind so decided to pick up a cheapie from Savvy by DB. The Models Prefer pencil I bought to use as a base for a smokey eye.

What have you guys hauled lately?? Any new products you are loving??

Hannah xo


GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

Those colors by P.F are great.
Seattle Beauty Fashion Blog

Vita said...

I did the COTD MAC haul too and picked up 4 new eyeshadows - I ummed and ahhed over Nylon and I should have bought it (but didn't). Also got the new Happy Booster blush in Natural. The Violet scent is gorgeous :) xo

Holly said...

Hi I love the look of the mac stuff. Although not a newbie to perth( I moved here 4 or 5 years ago) I still don't know all the best shops. My current product which is new to me is l'occitan lip glosses.

Sarah @ a beautiful story said...

Nice haul! :) I keep noticing and tweeting about the Catch of the Day stuff but have yet to buy from them!

John Petter said...

Really a nice review.
Zia Natural Skin Care Products

Priyanka said...

awesome haul hun:) I was heaps excited to see the Happy Booster range in Priceline, unfortunately the price is a bit steep

Billi Lilli said...

Great haul! Those Physicians formula blushes look adorable :)

Hannah said...

@GirlieBlogger They are, I am loving the natural blush at the moment!

@Vita Ahhh I'm sure it will be on there again! haha I love those deal sites but I'm always working when they come on and can't get on there until everything sells out - lucky mum was there this time to grab me some things! I love the PF natural blush, how pretty is it!!

@Holly Thanks :) Welcome to Perth! (sort of haha) I do most of my makeup shopping either online or at Priceline :) Love L'Occataine also!

@Sarah yeah this was my first time actually purchasing, no no I lie I did get a memory card off there for my camera which was a good deal. I love looking at them though, they can be pretty addictive!

@John Thanks

@Priyanka Thanks :) Yeah they are pretty steep! I thought I was getting a buy 3 get one free deal but didn't realise that was only for the face products and the eyeliner didn't count :( totally missed out on getting a free product haha

@Billi Lilli Thanks! They are super cute, I love the fact it's hot pink and has a matching hot pink brush haha

emmabovary said...

I missed out on this one, tried to avoid it lol. Nylon is my favourite inner corner highlight, so darn pretty!

Hannah said...

@Emma Haha I know that feeling! Yeah its really pretty :)