Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Review: Ansley New York BB Cream's

As promised here is my review on two of the Ansley New York BB Creams. I was sent these a little while ago from the lovely people who run the website Glow and Glamour

Ever since hearing about BB creams I have been eager to try some. A cream that not only provided coverage but is also a moisturiser, sun cream and treatment I mean how could I not want to. BB Creams have been very popular in Asian cultures for a long time and are only now becoming mainstream in the western world, since the release of the Garnier Skin Perfecting BB Cream, which I reviewed here

I was sent two types of BB Creams from the Ansley New York range, The Multi Fit and the Magic Glow BB.

Ansley New York Multi Fit BB 

The Multi Fit BB Cream claims to brighten and smooth the skin and offers whitening and anti-wrinkle properties with an SPF of 50. It is packaged in a white tube with a lid that screws off to reveal a nozzle where the product comes out. The lid also flips up containing a bright pink lip and cheek cream (which looks gorgeous) and a small mirror. 

L-R: Heavy swatch of Multi Fit, Blended out swatch of Multi Fit

The BB cream is thicker than I initially imagined but goes on the skin smoothly and covers well. It is quite a pale colour but does change once applied, like many bb creams do. It blends really nicely into the skin and leaves your skin with a healthy looking glow. It does have quite a strong perfumed scent to it but it doesn't linger.

Bared faced - eek!
With just the BB cream

All made up with powder, concealer..the works

I think this is a great product, as you can see in the photos above (excuse the creepy smiling!) it covers well but still lets your skin shine through. I love that you can still see my freckles when I wear this, which are often covered up by foundations. Something that Blake loves as well :)

The Magic Glow BB Cream has a lot of similarities to the Multi Fit. It also claims to have whitening and anti-wrinkle properties and it has an SPF of 30. Just like the Multi Fit it blends really nicely and leaves you with a glow. I find it to be creamier and more moisturising than the MultiFit, probably because of its lower SPF. It doesn't have as strong a scent either. 

The product is contained in a sleek black tube with a pump, which allows you to easily control the amount of product being released. Although it doesn't have the cute flip top with a mirror and blush/lip product I much prefer its packaging - anything with a pump is a winner for me.

L-R: Heavily swatched, blended out swatch

This cream is definitely the darker of the two and has undertones on the warmer side compared to the greyish tone of the Multi Fit. However once applied it does adapt and I find it works really well with my skin tone. 

Finished look using Magic Glow in place
of foundation.

Below is a picture of the two creams swatched next to each other. On the left side is the Multi Fit BB and on the right is the Magic Glow BB. As you can see the Multi Fit has more of a greyish pink undertone and the Magic is more of a orangey undertone. However when applied to my face the both blend in well with my skin tone. 

L-R: Multi Fit BB, Magic Glow BB

Unfortunately they are only available in the one shade (much like a lot of the original asian bb creams), however if you have a light skin tone I think these are definitely worth checking out. They do change to suit your skin tone slightly and if the colour is still slightly off you can always set it with a powder to make it blend seamlessly. 

I recently took the Multi Fit BB cream on my holiday to Bali and found it was perfect to use on holidays due to its high SPF and natural coverage. However, I would also recommend these for everyday use in place of a foundation for those who want protection from the sun and a lighter coverage. 

Both of these BB creams are available to purchase online from Glow & Glamour. The Multi Fit is $16.90USD and the Magic Glow is $14.90USD and each tube has 40mL of product. The shipping costs on Glow & Glamour are also very reasonable and I highly recommend them. Be sure to check out their other products, they have some really interesting things!!

If you do choose to purchase from Glow & Glamour enter AUSSIEBEAUTY at checkout to receive a 5% discount :) 

Have you tried these BB Creams? What are your favourite BB Creams??

Hannah xox

**Both of these were provided to me from Glow & Glamour, however all opinions are my own and 100% honest. This post is not sponsored, nor did Glow & Glamour make me write this review. I just really love these products!


Red lips, Black hair said...

Makes your skin look delicious!

Hannah said...

@Red Lips, Black Hair: Thankyou!! :)

Kimmy said...

I am sold by how this seems to cover the blemishes, but like you said, not your freckles... how?! (By the way Hannah I moved my blog to this site, lol took forever but worth it I hope)

Veronica said...

HI! Its great to see another Perth blogger =] And I like what you blog about =D


Hannah said...

@Kim Hey! haha yeah blogger is really easy to work with, think its a good choice. Yeah its a great BB cream

@Veronica Thanks :) I'll definitely have to check out your blog, we need more Perth bloggers!! xo