Monday, May 21, 2012

What's in my travel makeup bag??


Last week my family went on a holiday to Bali for a week to celebrate my mum and new step-dad Kim getting married last weekend. Yes they took us on their honeymoon...a little weird (i know) but very nice of them and a lot of fun!

I've been lucky enough to visit Bali many times growing up so I knew what to expect and what makeup I would need to bring with me. I knew I would be favouring a natural look due to the heat so I tried not too pack too much...tried and kinda failed lol.

L-R: Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation, Garnier Miracle Skin
Perfector BB Cream, Ansley New York Multi Fit BB Cream.

1. Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation - I chose this as it is quite lightweight and I knew I would be going out to some nice places at night so I wanted to have a foundation with me but not something that would melt off in the heat.

2. Garnier Miracle Skin Perfecter BB Cream - I love this BB cream and thought it would be perfect however I didn't use it once as I favoured the Ansley BB cream.

3. Ansley New York Multi Fit BB Cream - I received this recently from the lovely people at Glow and Glamour and have fallen it love with it since this trip. I used this most days I was in Bali as it has an SPF and was natural-looking and not heavy. It also comes with a lip/cheek colour in the cap and a little mirror which was really handy. Full review will be coming soon.

L-R: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Illuminator, MAC MSF Natural,
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer, Thin Lizzy Concealer Creme.

4. MAC MSF Natural - My favourite face powder as it looks so natural and it helped my makeup last longer through the hot days.

5 + 6. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Concealer and the Illuminator - The solution to under eye circles!!! I love the concealer and the illuminator was a new purchase which I love for under eyes as well as for illuminating the face. 

7. Thin Lizzy Concealer Creme - A great concealer for covering blemishes which stays all day and doesn't cake. I received this in one of my GlossyBox's recently and really like it.

L-R: Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer, BYS Baked Bronzer in Golden
Shimmer, Nars Cream Blush in Cactus Flower, Nars Multiple in Maldives,
Clairns Instant Light Blush in Coral Tonic. 

8. Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer - This is one of my favourite bronzers as I am quite pale and it's not too dark for my skin tone. 

9. BYS Golden Shimmer Baked Bronzer - I rediscovered this recently, it gives my skin that Victoria's Secret looking skin (now if only it could give me the body too!!) look which I love especially for island holidays.

10. Nars Mulitple in Maldives - This has island holiday all over it, I mean what do you expect considering its name. I love this for highlighting and for adding shimmer to my body for nights.

11. Nars Cream Blush in Cactus Flower - I love this blush but don't get to use it much in everyday life so I thought this holiday would be the perfect opportunity for me to show it some love.

12. Clairns Instant Light Blush in Coral Tonic- A new addition to my collection courtesy of my lovely mum! I was showing her a Lisa Eldridge makeup tutorial on youtube and she used this blush. Mum remembered me loving it so she bought it for me when she was overseas the last time. I love this and used it most days I was away.

L-R: Beauty Essentials Be Warm Eyeshadow Palette, Covergirl 24hr mascara,
UD 24/7 Zero Eyeliner, Models Prefer Clear Mascara,
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Mascara,
 MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque, Australis Pencil Sharpener. 

13. Beauty Essentials Be Warm Eyeshadow Palette - I saw this at Priceline before I left for around five dollars and thought it would be the perfect palette to travel with as it's small and contains great neutral shades.

14. CoverGirl 24hr Mascara - I bought this mascara as it is very long-wearing and doesn't smudge.

15. Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero - For nights out when I wanted to put a little extra effort into my eye makeup.

16. Models Prefer Clear Mascara - Used to control my brows.

17. NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk - To use as a base for eyeshadow, although I didn't use this very much.

18. Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Mascara - This was $10 duty free, I couldn't pass that up! 

19. MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque  - To use as a base or on its on for a quick wash of colour on the lid.

20. Australis Pencil Sharpener - Fits both my eyeliner and jumbo pencil, bought it just in case!

L-R: Revlon Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie, Nars Chihuahua lipgloss,
MAC Viva Glam V Lipglass, MAC Blankety Lipstick.
21. Revlon Lip Butter Raspberry Pie - Just in case I wanted to do a bold lip one night...I didn't haha

22. Nars Lipgloss in Chihuahua - One of my favourite glosses so I had to bring it.

23. MAC Lipglass Viva Glam V - Another favourite gloss which looks great over the lippie I bought along.

24. MAC Blankety Lipstick - My favourite lipstick and go to for night-times.

A whole lotta dirty brushes!

25. And here are all the brushes I bought with my...I know I went a little crazy haha Probably used about half of these.

I hope this post was helpful to any of you going on holidays soon! Where is your favourite place to holiday to?? And what makeup do you bring??

Love Hannah xox


Star Vogue said...

Love all the items you took with you and I am just as bad always say I'll keep make up items to a minimum but always end up taking more than i need!! I really cant wait on your review on the Ansley BB cream where do you get them as I want one!!

Hannah said...

Haha yeah I thought I was being so good too only taking one small eyeshadow palette!

I was actually contacted by the people at Glow and Glamour to review a few of their products and the Ansley BB Cream was one of the products they sent me. However I'll definitely be re-purchasing this from them once its all gone. It's $16.90 on their site and shipping is quite reasonable too. Their site is I should have the review for it up in the next couple of weeks.

:) Hannah

Sarah @ abeautifulstory said...

I try to pack as little makeup as possible when travelling. Foundation or BB, powder, blush (often one that I can also use on my eyes - earth toned) and mascara! Let's not forget the SPF ;) I can't wait to see the Ansley BB cream review as that product sounds awesome!

Ps. I've blogged about the avocado mask! :)

Hannah said...

@Sarah I wish I was as disciplined as you when it comes to packing haha you sound like you have it under control!

Ooo I will head to your blog and read now :)

Review should be up soon!

Soho Skincare said...

I can totally relate with the photos.. When i'm traveling instead of trying to bring a few things with me i tend to like bring my whole closet hahahaha it's like have to always be ready in case some paparazzis are around...

Hannah said...

@Soho Skincare Haha me too! It's so bad, whenever I am on a plane i'm always so nervous when my bag goes on the scales haha