Monday, October 24, 2011

Review: YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick No 30

I recently scored this little baby from my mum after she went on a trip overseas. I have been leeming this particular lipstick for a long time now after seeing this particular shade featured on PS It's Vida's blog numerous times. 

YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in No 30 Faubourg Peach

First of all can I just say this has got to be the most gorgeous packaging of a lipstick I have seen yet. It's gold and shiny and has the colour of the lipstick in between gold detailing in the middle of the tube. It is also quite heavy which I like in a high-end lipstick as it adds to the expensive feeling. 

Once opened I have discovered a flaw in the packaging. When winding the lipstick up and down I have noticed that some of the product gets caught around the sides of the tube. However overall I love the packaging. The lid closes tight as well so you won't have lipstick all over the inside of your handbag. Not something you want, especially when it's an expensive lippy!

On the left you can see where the lipstick gathers on the tube.

The lipstick does have a scent to it. For anyone that is a candy junkie it smells a little bit like those sugared peach lollies that are shaped as a heart. Nope just me? Ok haha well it smells like peach candy. The scent does tend to linger a little bit so those sensitive to smells might not like this. I am not sure if all the colours have the same scent as I thought it a bit coincidental that it smelled like those peach lollies and it was a peach colour.

Swatch time :)

The formula of this lipstick is very creamy. It goes on very easily, however doesn't always go on evenly straight out of the tube. For a more even application I recommend adding a couple of layers and patting them in with your finger each time or using a lip brush. Due to the creaminess of the formula it doesn't last the longest time on your lips. On my lips it lasted just over an hour before I had to re-apply. (However, I tend to rub my lips together frequently so that could contribute) But when the lipstick is this gorgeous I don't mind whipping it out to re-apply every now and then.

The colour of this particular shade is a light peachy colour. It doesn't have any shimmer but due to the creamy formula it does have a sheen to it. It has great pigmentation and shows up nicely on my lips which are quite pink naturally. 

YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks retail for $55AUD in Australia and $34.00USD in the US. However you can buy them currently on Strawberry Net for $33.50AUD with free shipping :)

And the downside to swatching and taking photos outside? If you drop it it gets a little grassy!

The danger of blogging outside.

Have you tried these lippies? What's your opinion??

Hannah xoxo


Beauty in the Sky said...

Aww your poor lipstick! I love the look of these, the packaging is insanely beautiful and I love that colour. I still haven't taken the leap into high end lipsticks but I'm sure I will sometime soon!

Beauty in the Sky said...

Aww your poor lipstick! I love the look of these, the packaging is insanely beautiful and I love that colour. I still haven't taken the leap into high end lipsticks but I'm sure I will sometime soon!

Candice said...

That looks so beautiful...such a gorgeous colour! Grass in it already?!

Hannah said...

@Megan; Haha yeah I know, luckily it came off easily. They are beautiful aren't they! I only have 2 high end lippies but they make me feel very special when I pull them out of my bag to re-touch.

@Candice; haha luckily it came off easily or I would have been devastated!

Hannah xo

Vintage Makeup said...

Never tried them. Color is gorgeous on you though! :) Haha too bad about the dropping incident :-p

Jen W said...

What a gorgeous peach nude! I haven't tried these Rouge Voluptes yet but will need to soon.

Thanks for the warning not to blog outdoors *ouch*

Vita said...

Great shade on you! I'm currently on the hunt for a luxe lippy and I'm tossing up between these and the CD's.

prettymom said...

gorgeous peachy color. it looks great on you. really love the packaging with these high end lippies.

Penelope said...

Thanks for such a great swatch of this lipstick. Such a beautiful shade.It looks absolutely gorgeous on you. It suits your skintone perfectly!

Hannah said...

@Vintage Thanks hun! Yeah luckily it was only in the grass and not the dirt haha

@Jen It is a gorgeous shade, I just wish it would last a tad longer on the lips. Haha glad I could be of service!

@Vita Thanks :) All the colours I have seen of these lippies are gorgeous so it'd be hard to go wrong I think. I haven't tried CD lippies. The only other high end one I have is a Estee Lauder one which I also love but its a bit glossier.

@Prettymom Thanks :) Aren't they gorgeous?!

@Penelope Thanks :) and you're welcome. Thanks for following!

Priyanka said...

Aren't you lucky!!!I have been wanting one of these YSL babies for the longest time, but the hefty price tag always deters me lol. Love the colour u picked!!

Hannah said...

@Priyanka I know my mum spoils me so much! Take a look at strawberry net they have a lot of the colours for sale at the moment for $33.50 and its free shipping and you often get a free gift so makes it a little less pricey. Also when you compare the $33.50 to what they sell some "drugstore" brand lipsticks in Oz it's not too much more haha *enabler*

Haute_Style said...

Looks damn fine on you, Miss!

Hannah said...

Thanks Anni :) It's such a pretty colour, would look great on you!!

Adriana said...

This is such a pretty color! I love it =) I'm a new follower!
Little Petite

Hannah said...

@Adriana Thank-you!! You are my 100th follower :) Yay I checked out your blog too, its great!!

Taliera said...

I bought two of these lippies at a cut-price store for just $20 each. Didn't know the gem I had stumbled upon! These are unbelievably rich and creamy. They are also highly pigmented and I find that on me they last a long time. But the downside of being hihgly pigmented is that if they smudge on ANYTHING (face, fingers, coffee cup, bag, boyfriend) it's hard to get the mark off.