Wednesday, October 12, 2011

EOTD: Featuring MAC's Coquette and Sumptuous Olive

I have used MAC's Coquette eyeshadow to fill in my brows for a long time now but I never considered using it as an eyeshadow....stupid I know right?

Well yesterday I was like you know what that could make a good outer corner colour/crease colour!! And out of that this eye look was born. I'm so glad I branched out and used this as an eyeshadow, it really looks great on my green eyes!!

So I thought I would share it with you all now :)

Just for reference Coquette is a matte brown/khaki shade, if you haven't seen it before there is a swatch at the end of this post. 

To create this eye look I first primed my eyes with Urban Decay primer potion. I then added Nyx Jumbo Eyeshadow pencil in Milk to the inner corners and under the brow just to brighten them up a bit. A swipe of MAC's Brule all over the lid was next before I placed Coquette in the outer corner and blended it inwards. Sumptuous Olive was added to the inner corner and lid and the crease was blended out with MAC's Patina eyeshadow. UD's Sin was added to the brow and inner corner as a highlight.

To create the illusion of thicker lashes I added Savvy by DB's Liquid eyeliner in Brown to the upper lash line with a slight wing. A coat of Revlon's Fabulash mascara completed the look. 

Full face

Products used to create this eye look

Here are the products I used to create this eye look, from left to right; UD Primer potion, Revlon Fabulash, Savvy by DB Liquid Eyeliner in Brown, Nyx Jumbo Eyeshadow pencil in Milk, Sigma E70, MAC 217, UD Sin, MAC Coquette, MAC Sumptuous Olive, MAC Brule and MAC Patina.

Swatches of the shadows; L-R: Brule, Coquette, Sumptuous Olive, Patina and Sin

Do any of you own Coquette?? What are your thoughts?

Hannah xoxo


prettyinthedesert said...

I don't have Coquette. But this is such a pretty look and I love how the colors blend together!

Priyanka said...

I now need Sumptuous Olive in my life!!!That is a really pretty look:)

Vintage Makeup said...

This is so pretty! I don't own Coquette, but it looks lovely!

Vita said...

Beautiful look - I have Sumptious Olive in my collection and I had Patina - managed to use that one up!

Hannah said...

@Prettyinthedesert Thanks hun :) Sumptuous olive brings out the greener tones in coquette which I think is why it works so well blending wise.

@Vintage Makeup Thanks hun :)

@Vita Thanks Vita, yeah I think I am going to hit pan on Patina first, it's my most used MAC colour. So beautiful!!

Hannah said...

@Priyanka Damn blogger sent your comment to spam :( I just found it. Yeah it is a gorgeous colour!! Thanks :)

Makeup and Me said...

That is such a gorgeous look! I'm a big neutral fan, so i'd def. wear it!

I'm actually looking into getting some of the nyx jumbo pencils. Do you like them, and if so, what colours would you recommend?

Hannah said...

Thanks Makeup and Me :) I do like the jumbo pencils especially for the price. I use them most days as a base for my eyeshadow. I own 3 of them; Milk, Yogurt and Pots and Pans.

I definitely recommend you get Milk and Yogurt. Milk's a great white base and Yogurt is a really pretty bronzey champagne colour. I use it on my waterline quite a bit when I don't want to wear liner. Pots and pans is a dark grey colour I haven't used it too much yet but its a great base for a smokey eye.

S said...

Thanks for the swatches! :)


Gianna @ Makeup and Me said...

Thank you so much! Def think I'm going to invest in some :)

Hannah said...

@S You're welcome!!

@Gianna Yay, I hope you like them. Sure you will xo

Lyn said...

Hi! I use Croquette to fill in my eyebrows too! I have black hair and it works well :D

I'm from Melbourne! Love seeing Australian bloggers!

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