Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mini Nail Polish Haul & Swatches

Hey guys,

Hope you've all had a good weekend :)

Apparently I figured that my nail polish collection was clearly not big enough this weekend and decided to add 3 more bottles to it haha

CG White on White, Butter London Fash Pack, CG Gussied Up Green

Yesterday while visiting Robbie's vet, which is conveniently located across the road from a beauty and hair supplies store I decided to check out the China Glaze stand to see if any colours caught me eye. Three did although I managed to contain myself to just two. 

They are White on White;

And Gussied Up Green. (The one I left behind was a grey colour called Recycle)

The third was added last night when my friend and I hit the town for some drinks. Her feet were hurting so we decided to pop into the chemist for some party feet and when we did I stumbled across a Butter London display! Pure gold...and as I had already had a couple the price tag of $19.95 a bottle didn't stop me from picking up this pretty brown colour called Fash Pack.

I love white polish and I already own the Revlon one but I hate the formula, it always bubbles on me. So  I thought I would see how the China Glaze one held up. It didn't bubble so thats a plus but I will have to see with a full manicure to see what it's really like.

Gussied Up Green is an amazing colour. It has so many duo-chromes its a tad ....brown.. everything. That's what drew me first to this colour. The bottle is just so reflective and its a gorgeous shade of emerald green which reminds me of MAC's Humid eyeshadow. 

Fash Pack is a beautiful shade of light brown with a bit of taupey-ness to it. It also has very fine gold shimmers in it which adds a layer of depth to the polish. This is my first Butter London polish as I didn't know they were sold here in Oz. I quite like the formula but am not very happy with the brush, it's just too short for my liking. Below you can see it compared to the China Glaze wand. However, I do love the packaging of this polish, it's just so damn cute and stylish.

Comparison of the wands

And here are the swatches :) All are two coats of polish without a top coat.

L-R: Fash Pack, White on White & Gussied Up Green

Do you guys own any of these polishes? What do you think? Have you tried Butter London?

Hannah xoxo


Chloeblue said...

How do I not own Gussied Up Green? Gorgeous colour.

e. Xx said...

Oooh, I love them all! Can you believe that I do not own ANY China Glaze OR Butter London? How can that be?! I aim to rectify it asap :) x

Lauren x said...

those nail polishes are so pretty xx

my blog :

Lauren x

Hannah said...

@Chloeblue: such a gorgeous colour! I think it's my fave of the three

@e Xx: China Glaze are my fave polishes and I found a place in Perth that sells them for $9.95 a bottle so I was super happy!! Haven't done a full manicure with the Butter London polish but will soon to see how I like it. Love the colour though

@Lauren Thanks :) I'm a nail polish hoarder haha

blog-a-beauté said...

I love the butter london taupey brown colour! I don't have anything like that in my collection yet so it's going onto my things to buy list! x

Hannah said...

It is gorgeous. It's actually on sale on at the moment for like $13!!