Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Lust Have It!

Well the boxes didn't last long! We are back to the little make up bags. I don't know how I feel about that although I do really love the colour of this months bag. Not sure why they would go back to the little bags, possibly some backlash from customers who weren't happy with last months disposable box. 

Here's what it contained;

1. Davroe Ultimatum Non Aerosol Hairspray 50mL sample ($19.95 for 200mL) 

This is an Australian made non aerosol hairspray which contains pure plant extracts and says it has a hold factor of 10. I've never used a non aerosol hairspray before and don't have the highest expectations for this product on my hair as it doesn't hold well with any hair products because its so damn thin. I'll give it a go though, it smells alright for a hair spray and would be good for travellers. 

2. Say It With Scent Vanilla Hand & Body Lotion 30mL sample ($26.80 for 200mL)

Another lotion! haha there seems to be at least one in every bag. Luckily (or unlucky really) I have very dry skin so I get a lot of use out of them. This one is nice as it is on the thinner side and absorbs quickly which makes it great for a hand cream. It's also Australian made which is a plus!

3. Dermalogica PreCleanse 15mL sample ($65.50 for 150mL)

I was so excited when I saw the two Dermalogica products as it is my favourite skin care brand. This is a plant based cleansing oil which removes excess sebum (oil), waterproof makeup and sunscreen from your skin leaving it ready for your cleanser to do its job properly.

4. Dermalogica Active Toner 30mL sample ($51.00 for 250mL)

I have used this toner before and really love it. It's really refreshing and doesn't leave your skin feeling tight like a lot of other toners do. It adds an extra layer of moisture (great for those of us with dry skin) and has skin-repairing Aloe as well as lavender and arnica to soothe the skin.

5. Mirenesse "Protect Me" Tinted Daily Face & Neck Mineral Balm - sample ($69.00 for 18g)

This is a pretty tiny sample of what I think is a tinted moisturiser. The card says that its an anti-aging balm infused with high performance mineral sunscreens, although it only has an SPF of 15 so not sure how effective it would be for a sun protection on its own. When swatched it doesn't seem to have much a tint to it at all but it does make your skin feel super smooth (possibly good to use as a primer).

It also came with a card to receive a free 45 minute Dermalogica facial treatment valued at $90.00. The only catch is you have to spend over $50 or more on products, which is very doable for me as I love their products, but if you didn't then it would be worthless.

Value = $4.99 + $4.02 + $6.55 + $6.12 + $1.91* = $23.59 (not including the voucher)

*I wasn't sure how much the Mirenesse sample was, Blake said about half a gram so I went with that.

Overall I think this was a good month, mainly for the two Dermalogica samples. I'm very interested to see how the non aerosol hair spray works and I'm always grateful for new makeup samples. However, looking at the value it doesn't really hold up against the past months.

Did you like the bag this month? Was yours any different?

Hannah xox


Anonymous said...

I think the aug box came in a box be because it was their birthday. It was a one off.

Hannah said...

Ahh that makes sense thanks for the info! :)

Hannah said...

Ahh that makes sense thanks for the info! :)