Monday, September 17, 2012

Blake and My New Zealand Holiday!

Blake had been bugging me for months trying to get me to agree to go on a snowboarding trip with his friends to New Zealand. I was hesitant at first as I have never snowboarded before but finally agreed once I had quit my job as I figured why not take a holiday before I start the unpleasant task of trying to find a new job.

I have been to NZ before a couple of times but it was Blake's first time so I decided we needed a few days, before we met up with everyone, to explore the South Island.

Our trip started out in Christchurch where we picked up a pretty awesome camper van, it was fully equipped with a shower and toilet as well as cooking facilities and a double bed. 

The plan was to drive across the South Island through Arthur's Pass to the West Coast and then head down and meet Blake's friends in Queenstown where we would stay in a house for the weekend. We would then head to Wanaka for three nights before getting back in the camper and driving up the east coast to Christchurch for our return flight.

Here are some photos of our trip!

Just landed in Christchurch and waiting to be picked up!

On the beautiful is this country!

Me and our lovely van!
Our first camping spot in Arthur's Pass National Park,
so gorgeous but FREEZING!!

A lookout along the way with an amazing view.

Kea birds, they are so confident - they tried to get
in our van and eat our food haha

Beautiful view in Fox Glacier

An amazing lake, with the stillest water ever.
View from the beach! haha 
Exploring the glacier, this was pretty amazing!

Having a taste of the glacier water - by far the
best water we have drunk.

Another lookout along the way.

Lake Wanaka - incredible place

View from the top of the mountain where the one of the
snow fields are.

All geared up and ready to learn!

Look at me I'm doing it!!

Annnddd now I'm on my butt haha

Having a beer at the World Bar in Queenstown.

The view on the way out of Queenstown one morning,
the clouds were so heavy the mountains just peaked through.

IT'S SNOWING!! First time I have ever seen it snow.

Snow Park in Wanaka - check out the dude on the jump!

Breakfast in Wanaka - Blake was very impressed!

The highlights of the trip were definitely driving around the countryside and all the fantastic views. Arthur's Pass was stunning to drive through and Fox Glacier was incredible. Learning to snowboard was pretty cool although quite painful! I learnt you need to be pretty damn fit to be able to spend a day let alone a few days up the mountain. 

I think the biggest highlight for Blake and I though was Wanaka. It is such a gorgeous town set in the most picturesque location with really friendly locals. We definitely fell in love with the town and even discussed buying a holiday house there one day!

It was definitely a bummer having to leave and head back to reality but we have our next trip to look forward to now - Japan in March next year which I'm sure is going to be incredible!

Have you guys been to NZ? Where's your favourite spot?

Hannah xox


Beauty in the Sky said...

Such great photos, looks like you had an amazing time. I'd love to drive around the south island with my boyfriend, hopefully we get it to do it one day!

Sarah @ a beautiful story said...

Love the photos! :) I still haven't been to NZ but it looks beautiful - good on you for being brave and snowboarding! I think I'd totally suck at it lol! :)

Hannah said...

@Megan It was amazing! You have to do it, you will love it xo

@Sarah Thanks haha I think I did alright for a first go, it is pretty hard to get the hang of though! It's gorgeous there xo

Vicky Hoang said...

gorgeous photos! looks like a lot of fun :)

Hannah said...

Thanks Vicky it was amazing!