Thursday, September 13, 2012

How about a little magic?? A Review

In a rush to do your eye makeup? Or do you find it all a bit too hard? Why not use a little magic!

A little while ago the lovely folks at Glow & Glamour sent me a few products to test out, included in the pack were a few Magic Eyes. I had seen these around in the past but passed them off as a gimmicky product that wouldn't really work.

Ever the curious beauty blogger I decided to give these a try and was pleasantly surprised with the results. They are super easy to apply and actually come off very pigmented. They do require slight blending around the edges but apart from that your eyeshadow application is done in one step!

Magic Eyes from Glow & Glamour

I was sent three colour combinations, a neutral purple grey combo, a bright orange and pale green combo and a bright blue combo. The one I was most interested in trying first was the more neutral toned one. Here is a few pictures showing how I applied it.

1. Start with a bare eye. If you want the colours to last a bit longer and appear more vibrant I would definitely recommend using an eye primer. I used the Nars eye primer before beginning.

2. Open the box and pull out the foam pad, being careful not to mess up the colours. 

Magic Eyes #1 Pink Bloom
3. Place it on your eye lid and press down.

4. Pull off the pad being careful not to move it around. It should look something like this. As you can see it does look a little funny but the next step will fix that.

5. Take a big fluffy blending blush and very lightly blend the outer edges and the inner corner.

6. Add your finishing touches and you have a magic eye!

Here are the results of the other two colour combinations;

Magic Eyes #11 Summer Meadows

When I saw this colour combination I was a bit skeptical but I really love it on the eyes, it looks gorgeous.

Magic Eyes #13 Blue Lagoon

This one reminds me of Mimi from the Drew Carey show, perfect for dress up parties or if you are more adventurous!

The only problem I noticed with these is that they can have a lot of fallout so I would recommend doing your base after your eyes if you use these.

Magic Eyes are available to purchase online at Glow & Glamour. They retail for $3.80USD each and are available in nine different colour combinations.

Have you tried a product like this? What did you think??

Hannah xox

**Products provided for review. All opinions are 100% honest as per my disclosure statement.


Kimmy said...

I like summer meadows the best. They look a bit scary at first but finished up with some eyeliner and mascara they look really good! I always look at the ChiChi ones that are similar to these...I wonder if they are similar??

Hannah said...

Yeah I was surprised how good they looked when all done. I have seen the Chi Chi ones before too I think they would be pretty similar.

emmabovary said...

Summer Meadows is so pretty! I've always been dubious about these but I think it'd be great for those just starting out with eyeshadow!

Star Vogue said...

I have used the chi chi ones from this type of magic eyes but i didnt like them at all all the colours looked smudged on

G A B Y said...

Hmmm still not convinced by this! I was offered to be sent some for review but I was afraid it was just a gimmick...

Hannah said...

@Emma Yeah its my fave too :) These would be great for beginners I think, everything is pretty much done for you.

@Star Vogue Ah really? I haven't tried the Chi Chi ones. You definitely have to be careful when you are applying them not to move it around too much but once applied I didn't notice any smudging.

@Gaby Yeah I never would have thought to buy them as I do think they look quite gimmicky but when I saw them in the pack I thought I may as well give them a go. If your good at eyeshadow application you probably have no need for them but if you are a beginner I think they'd be great xo

Vita said...

Summer Meadows is gorgeous! I've seen similar products but never in action - thanks for the post :)

Hannah said...

@Vita Yeah I never would have thought to put orange and green together! xo

Jasmine Gala said...

wow blue lagoon looks scary...

Hannah said...

@Jasmine haha yeah it's a bit too much for my taste xo