Monday, April 23, 2012

DIY: Pecan Facial Scrub & GIVEAWAY!!

I have always been a fan of do it yourself facial masks and scrubs. Not only are they fun to make but they can be very beneficial for your skin. Usually I gravitate towards the old favourite oatmeal, yogurt and honey masks but recently I was contacted by the people from to try a new DIY facial scrub with the main ingredient being none other than the tasty pecan!

I've always loved eating pecans (especially in desserts - my sister Jess makes awesome pecan muffin cakes!) but have never thought to add them, or any kind of nut really, to a face scrub before. Pretty silly considering they are packed full of things your skin loves such as antioxidants, omega-3 and a tonne of important vitamins and minerals.

The best thing about this facial scrub is it only contains 3 ingredients and it's super simple to make.


1 Tbl Honey
2 tsp Avocado
1 Tbl Ground Pecans


1. Mix honey and avocado together until combined (should look like a green paste)

2. Grind the pecans in a mortar and pestle and add to said paste.

3. Apply to your face! Gently massage in a circular motion (avoiding eyes). - Cue crazy photo!!

ARGHHH I suggest doing this while the bf is out! lol

4. Leave on as a mask or rinse off to use as a scrub.

The result - nice clean and smooth skin!

Before applying the scrub I was worried it would be quite sticky because of the honey and thought it would be a pain to remove. However I found it to be quite pleasant to apply and managed to rinse it all off well with just water. The ground pecans act as a great exfoliant and the honey and avocado helped to calm the skin.

The result was smooth skin which felt really clean. It made me feel good knowing what I was putting on my face was all natural. I am a fan of regular facial scrubs (even though they can contain some naughty chemicals) but it is nice to switch it up every now and then and incorporate some all natural ingredients!

So would you like to give this a go?? Well the lovely team at are willing to offer one of my readers a prize pack featuring all the things needed to make this mask, including a mortar and pestle!

To win you must be a follower of this blog and comment telling me your favourite DIY beauty treatment. Please leave an e-mail address to so I can contact you if you win :)

Giveaway is only open to Australian residents (sorry!!) and you must be over 18 or have the home owner's permission to provide me your mailing address - which I will pass onto the team at so they can send you out your prize :)

**Edit: Forgot to add the competition will run until the 1st of May and winner will be chosen at random using**

If you want to know anything more about the benefits of pecans or want some tasty recipes be sure to check out


Hannah xox

*Provided for review, however all opinions as always are 100% honest*


Shirley said...

Hi hannah :) I love reading your blog posts and learning more about makeup, I'm not very good at it but the posts are informative and I'm slowly learning! My fave diy beauty treatment doesn't have anything to do with the face but a nice foot spa with lemon and then a scrub makes them feel really soft.. And of course a home pedi after is fun, you can defs be more adventurous with toe nail polish! Shirley xx

Beauty in the Sky said...

This is such a cool giveaway! My fave DIY is a sugar lipscrub to exfoliate my lips, you put some sugar and honey together and use it to get all the nasty flakes off your lips!

merryl said...

Blend one ripe banana with a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of lemon juice. Leave on for 15 minutes. This is an excellent mask for oily skin.

Beauty Snippets said...

My favourite DIY beauty treatment is also one of the simplest ones I've come across - aspirin mask!

Crush some uncoated aspirin tablets with a bit of water, add some honey, mix and apply!

contact at beautysnippets dot com

Frances_Acne Treatment said...

I love your beauty regimen. Your skin looks smooth and fresh after your facial scrub. I have avocado at home and some pecan so I’ll give it a try.

Sarah @ a beautiful story said...

Hi! I'm following via Bloglovin. I think that is an amazingly simple (but excellent - all natural!) scrub recipe - I'm going to try it! :) My email is abeautifulstory[AT]hotmail[DOT]com

Sarah :)

prettymom said...

gfc: prettymom
email: prettymom at gmail dot com
i used to do aspirin mask when i had oily skin. other diy mask are usually just pure fruits - strawberries, avocados, banana masks.

Stacie said...

Is it bad that I think this looks super yummy - maybe it's too close to my lunch hour ;) haha!

New follower-stop by and say hiiiii!

Hannah said...

Thanks for all your comments guys! I have drawn a winner and it is Sarah from A Beautiful Story. Congrats Sarah :) xo