Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Revlon Lip Butters - Priceline BOGOF Deal!!

Like many beauty lovers I was eagerly awaiting the release of Revlon Lip Butters in Oz. A cross between a lippie and a balm? Come on who wouldn't be excited. 

Priceline are currently offering a buy one get one free on Revlon Lip and Nail products lasting until the 23rd April. The lip butters retail for $21.95AUD (pretty ridiculous considering their ~$8 price tag in the US) so having the buy one get one free deal is pretty awesome and brings their price closer to our US friends. 

When I visited my Priceline the stand looked like it had been attacked by beauty lovers. The testers (if there was one) were in a terrible state and the colours were all jumbled up, however, I still managed to find four colours I liked. They were also having a GWP (Gift with purchase) if you spent over $39.95 on Revlon products, which was a little brush kit. 

These are the colours I got;

Creme Brûlée (nude)

Sweet Tart (barbie pink)

Raspberry Pie (think MAC Girl About Town dupe) 

and Red Velvet (dark cherry red).

So far I have only worn Creme Brûlée (apart from testing) and I love it. It's so moisturising and the colour is perfect. The only problem I find is if my lips are quite dry I find it doesn't last too long as my lips just suck up all the moisture and the colour tends to go with it. I'm hoping the darker colours will last a bit longer on the lips. Another thing I love about these is that they have a Vanilla scent which smells just like the MAC lippies. 

No Flash L-R: Creme Brûlée, Sweet Tart, Raspberry Pie & Red Velvet
With flash - You can see how moisturising they are in this pic!

The GWP is a four piece brush set which comes in a cute sturdy red case, perfect for travelling. The brushes in the kit are alright, not the best quality but they are definitely usable.

I also picked up my second Eco Tools brush, the angled liner brush - which is perfect for gel liner as it has a really fine tip.

Have you guys picked up any Lip Butters yet? What are your thoughts on them??

Hannah xoxo


sweetaholic-beauty said...

I love the Lip Butters, they're so moisturising! You got some gorgeous colours! :) xx

Michelle said...

I haven't been able to pick up any lip butters yet (I hit the two Perth city Pricelines and all of the good colours were already gone!) but I'm hoping a store near me will have Raspberry Pie and Sweet Tart. They are gorgeous! xx

Candice said...

I went to buy one but I couldn't justify paying twenty bucks for one! They do look gorgeous though!

e. Xx said...

Oooh thanks for telling us about these, they are gorgeous! I'm off to Priceline this afternoon! Xx

Hannah said...

@sweetaholic-beauty Thanks, yeah I love how moisturising they feel.

@Michelle Yeah I got mine from the Innaloo price line - they only had a tiny stand and most of the popular colours were gone there too. Hopefully they will get the stands restocked soon.

@Candice Yeah I can't either but since they are having the buy one get one free at the moment it means they are like half price so I had to get some.

@e. Xx HELLOOOOO! Since when are you back online??? I missed you!!

EMILY said...

Great post, thanks for letting me know! Went around to four Pricelines around my area and all had sold out! But managed to pick up Sweet Tart and Sugar Plum on my fifth venture. Really wanted Raspberry Pie though! They are gorge.

Star Vogue said...

Great post still waiting for their debut in the UAE :)
great blog now following :)

Hannah said...

@Emily Yeah every stand I have seen is pretty empty, didn't think they quite realised how crazy the hype of these was online haha

@Star Vogue Thanks :) Glad you liked it. Let's hope they make it there soon!!

Rachel said...

I haven't even seen these out! Very eager to try after reading this!! Off to Priceline I go…. haha


Hannah said...

You need to get down there quick smart! haha love these!