Tuesday, April 9, 2013

FOTD & EOTD - A simple natural look

Hey guys,

Just thought I would share a quick FOTD & EOTD for you :) Lately I have been testing out make-up looks to use for my wedding in October. I am going to be doing my own makeup as well as the makeup for my bridesmaids and mum :)

This is a very subtle natural look that I thought might be a good way to go either for me or for the bridesmaids. Let me know what you think!

Base: Australis Face & Body Tint, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, Rimmel Hide the Blemish Concealer & Stila sheer pressed powder
Bronzer: Savvy by DB Natural Finish Pressed Powder in 06 tan
Blush: Clairns Instant Light Blush in 02 Coral Tonic
Brows: Rimmel brow pencil

Primer: Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base
Inner corner: UD Bootycall
Lid: UD Suspect
Crease: Combo of UD Chopper & UD Snakebite
Outer V: UD Busted
Eyeliner: A tiny bit of MAC Teddy on outer waterline
Mascara: Cover Girl Clump Crusher

Hope you're all having a great day!

Hannah xox


alina said...

Just discovered your blog!

Your eye makeup is really lovely and subtle, would you be thinking of adding lip colour or keeping it plain with gloss/balm?

Anonymous said...

I'm a make-up artist and beauty therapist and just got married recently myself. i would not recommend doing everyone's makeup on your wedding day, it's soooo stressful and there's so much to do! you think u have enough time and then before u know it, it's gone! anyway food for thought. hope you have a beautiful day.

Hannah said...

@Alina Thank you! During the day I'm not a big lip product person (just lip balm) but if I was wearing it at night I might through on a brighter shade lipstick.

@Anon Yeah mum thinks I need someone to help me too. I'm torn, the wedding isn't until late arvo and I think if I have something to do it will take my mind off the nerves! Plus I can't really afford a makeup artist. I might try and find a friend whose good at makeup and maybe see if they will do the bridesmaids or mum maybe. Thanks for the advice!

jona reynolds said...

On occasion of wedding i will only recommend Air brush makeup, because it is easy to apply and stays for long

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - please please invest in getting a make up artist for your big day! Trust me, you simply will not have time on the day - it goes so quickly and what time you do have, you will want to enjoy the moment with your bridesmaids and family. I know they aren't cheap, but no wedding is and if you're going to spend money at all - make up really should be one of the 'non negotiables' you'll be looking at the pictures for thr rest of your life,

My girls paid for their own make up- I wanted to, but just couldn't afford it and they we're quite okay with paying for it themselves. Best of luck on your special day! It really does go VERY quickly,