Monday, July 9, 2012

A little bit sad....

So last night while I was being a great girlfriend and letting my boyfriend watch the formula one over Skype through my laptop I accidentally spilt a glass of water on the table it was sitting on and since then it won't turn on :(


I am taking it in to see how much it's going to set me back to fix it. If its too much I might have to buy a new one. But as I now only have my iPad for the moment I won't be able to do much blogging :( :(


Luckily I backed up my computer last week so hopefully I haven't lost all my photos or anything but I'm still pretty bummed as I have a feeling it's going to be quite costly!


Let me know if you've had a shared experience! Im pretty upset about it, I know it's just a computer but I spend a lot of my life on that thing!


So yeah hopefully I will be back soon but I can't tell you when yet. Tip for everyone don't keep your laptop on the same table as a drink haha


Love you all


Hannah xox





sweetaholic-beauty said...

Oh no! Thank goodness you backed up! Hopefully won't cost too much :)

Oly said...

Ohh, Hannah, I know exactly how you feel - managed to spill a glass of yogurt over my laptop once. It totally killed the keyboard - but thankfully the hard drive was untouched so I managed to recover my data. But there was no way to fix the poor thing :( It sucks! I hope your data will be fine!

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Chelsea said...

I've never had that specific problem but I have had my laptop die, it's like losing a limb! x

Sara-May said...

Oh you poor thing - when your laptop is put out of commission, it's almost like losing a limb! I've not killed a computer before, but I have had one stolen before. I didn't have a backup, and I had my entire portfolio on it, with no way of getting those images back. It was possibly the worst professional setback I have ever suffered.
I hope it's not too exxy to get it fixed.

Hannah said...

@Sweetaholic-beauty Yeah thank god! haha Would hate to lose all my photos etc Just found out that its under warranty so hopefully they will fix it for me haha

@Oly Will do! Aw yoghurt that wouldn't be nice to clean haha

@Chelsea It is, it's so annoying esp when there are new episodes of True Blood to watch!! haha

@Sara-May Ahh what a horrible person! That sucks :( I can't imagine losing all my photos - so many memories! That's the problem with this digital age now theres no physical copies of anything haha

MichtyMaxx said...

YAY F1! BOO waterlogged laptop! My friend did the same thing with Agrum and she let it dry then it managed to work again three days later. Good luck.

Jon said...

This just happened to my Lenovo T410, I immediately took out the power cable, battery, wiped off excess liquid and prayed with all my might that it works..gratefully it worked after few hrs.

E-von said...

I hate that! I am very clumsy when it comes to technology. I hope it won't cost too much to repair and hope you can recover your data. I accidentally dropped my HDD, with all my precious photos and videos of my kids! And I couldn't get over it for weeks, I'm still kinda scared to get it checked out in case I have lost everything :(

Hannah said...

@MitchyMaxx Are you a fan of F1? I've just got into it over the past two years and love it :) Haha that's not fair, how was hers fine after Agrum and mine was only water boo :( haha

@Jon Wish I had the sense to do all that, sadly no :( it's dead

@E-von Aww that would be horrible. I was so worried about that luckily I had it backed up and found out the HD is alright so I should be able to get all the data back but I've had to buy a new laptop. It was going to cost more to fix then a new one.