Sunday, July 1, 2012

June Favourites (on time for once!!)

Look at me being all good and posting my favourites at the end of the month and not half way through like usual haha June hasn't been the best of months for me as I have been sick for two thirds of it :( But I am almost all better now so yay! 

Here's just a quick post showing you what I have been loving for the month of June :)

Rimmel Hide the Blemish Concealer in Soft Honey

I love this concealer, even though it is a stick concealer it is really creamy and is great for both under eyes and covering blemishes. 

Natio Liquid Bronzer

My friend Taz and I bought this on sale from David Jones a few weeks ago and are both really loving it. I've been using this to contour my face and find that it looks really natural but gives you a gorgeous glow.

MAC Omega Eyeshadow

I have been using this shadow to fill in my brows lately and love it. Even though my brows are quite dark I find that this works really well to fill in the sparse areas of my brows without leaving them looking too full. 

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush in Natural

Not only is this blush adorable but its gorgeous pinky colour gives your cheeks a nice natural looking flush.

Physicians Formula Eye Enhancing Gel Eyeliner - the Purple from the Green Eyes Set

This is without doubt the creamiest gel eyeliner I've tried and is a super vibrant purple that looks amazing against my green eyes.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow in Bad to the Bronze

I bought 3 of these off of ebay recently as I thought we'd have to wait forever to get them here in Oz. However, I have since discovered these are being released any day now! doh haha I think they will be about $11.95 so not too expensive either for once! This particular shade is a  gorgeous shimmery bronze that blends really nicely and is long-lasting. Perfect for a quick day or night look.

Real Techniques Brushes

These are only a few but all the brushes are incredible. These have become my favourite brushes within only a week of receiving them. They are super soft and dense but still flexible allowing for seamless blending/application.

And here is everything swatched :)

L-R: Natio Liquid Bronzer, Rimmel Concealer, MAC Omega, PF blush,
Bad to the Bronze and PF gel eyeliner.

Have you tried any of these products?? What have you been loving this past month??

Hannah xox


MSodapop said...

i really want the real techniques brushes! <3 i love bad to the bronze shadow too!

Anonymous said...

I purchased Bad to the Bronze off US Ebay too, I saw them in the shops today Target had 20% off so I picked up the gold version for about $8. So happy. Glad they aren't stupidly expensive.

Hannah said...

@MSodapop They are incredible!! I bought mine on and they were pretty cheap - i should have a review up soon on them :)

@Klara oo really?? That's awesome, I must get myself to a Target! My Target might not have them though - they don't even have essence which sucks because I really want to try their products. Is the gold one nice? I was thinking about getting that one next.

Oly said...

I really wanna try that Natio Bronzer now! Will head to the mall tomorrow, haha! :)

Hannah said...

@Oly You won't be disappointed! It's really gorgeous. The other day I just used concealer to cover any blemishes and then used that bronzer as a contour without any foundation or powder and it was so pretty :)

Michelle said...

I have the core collection of Real Techniques brushes and they're awesome! So glad they're offered at a reasonable price as well. That Physician's Formula blush looks gorgeous; I love the surface design! It's so cute xx

Hannah said...

@Michelle They are awesome hey! Yeah its so pretty and I think the pattern goes all the way through because I've been using it non stop and it still hasn't moved!

Rose said...

I've been using the Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush and I really love it! Gorgeous packaging, lovely scent and great finish!

Hannah said...

@Rose They are gorgeous aren't they!

Kimmy said...

How much is the rimmel concealer? I remember having one YEARS ago but can't remember which colour. What one do you reckon would suit me, the same one as you? I need a concealer just because I dont have one and I sometimes get fed up of continuously building my foundation over my blemishes.

Hannah said...

I think it was about ten bucks or so I'm not sure how many shades there are in the range but i think this was near the middle. I actually bought it to use on Jess for mum's wedding but it works on me too so it might suit you too or the next darker shade.

Vita said...

I adore my Happy Booster and I bought Back to the Bronze just the other day :)

emmabovary said...

Beautiful favourites! I just ordered some Real Techniques brushes and I can't wait to get my mits on them :) I also can't wait to get Bad to the Bronze, I have Tough as Taupe but hardly wear it.

Hannah said...

@Vita Totally makes me feel happy looking at the blush so I think it does boost your happiness haha

@Emma Thankyou :) poo you are going to love them. I really want to get the rest of the brushes now I have some haha I have Tough as Taupe too its quite a hard one to wear I think but can be good used as a base.

Billi Lilli said...

I really want to get my hands on those color tatoo eyeshadows! That colour is gorgeous :) and so is that Physicians Formula blush.

Hannah said...

@Billi Lilli They are really cool, I'll be doing a post on the three I have soon but I definitely want to get more colours when they arrive in my Priceline!!

Beauty in the Sky said...

I'm also a huge fan of the Physician's Formula Gel liners, I bought the set for blue eyes even though I obviously don't have blue eyes but the black in the set is amazing and so creamy.

Tram said...

Omg! The PF gel liner looks amazing! I can totally imagine it with green eyes!

Judy said...

I never post my favourites on time either! hehe :)
I don't like stick concealers, but i'll take your word on the Rimmel Hide the Blemish Concealer! :)
Also i love how the Physicians Formula Gel liner looks! Great faves! x


dugongsss said...

I love your June Favourites! Love, love, love the Bad to the Bronze Eyeshadow & the real techniques brushes. The Natio Liquid Bronzer looks lovely, I may need to give that a try :)

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Anonymous said...

where did you buy your real technique brushes?

Hannah said...

@Megan They are awesome right, super super creamy but still really pigmented.

@Tram They are amazing!!

@Judy I never really liked stick concealers either but this one is super creamy so doesn't tug on your skin or look dry and cakey like some others can.

@Dugongsss Thank you :) Definitely recommend the Natio bronzer, I actually think Natio stuff is pretty decent and their prices are pretty affordable too.

@Anon I got them from a website called I will have a review coming up for them soon :)