Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Where have I been?? Exciting News

Hello! Long time no post I know.

But it was for a good reason I promise...


Yay :) Yup we are getting married and I couldn't be happier. 

It all started with me coming home from work on the 12th (the day before my birthday) to a house full of balloons and a sign on the wall telling me to pack my bags. As you can imagine I was pretty stoked, Blake had arranged with my work for me to have some time off and he booked us flights to his home town Geelong, Victoria. 

So that night was spent packing and the next morning we were on a plane to Geelong :)

The proposal happened on Saturday afternoon (15th Dec). He told me we were heading to his brother's place which is on the coast, however, we were going a different route then normal *my first hint something was going on* Blake then announced that we'd just quickly pop down to Bell's Beach to take a look at the surf.

It was at the look out at Bell's Beach where he popped the question. I wasn't all that shocked as I had been expecting him to ask me for a while now but I still cried when he asked!

The biggest shock was how gorgeous the ring he chose was and that he had chosen it all by himself! No-one else knew what was going on. 

The next day we got to celebrate with Blake's family and friends and even had my mum, step-dad, sister and nephew surprise us by flying overnight to be with us to celebrate on Sunday.

It was very much a whirl-wind trip and things have just been so busy since with Christmas yesterday and starting to plan the wedding! Blake originally told me I had 2 months but I have managed to sort some sense into him and give us until October next year haha.

So yeah that is where I have been! I will be sure to start more regular posting again soon. 

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and are gearing up for a great new years!!

Hannah xox


The Beauty and Lifestyle Hunter said...

Congrats on your engagement - what a gorgeous ring!!!

And btw, love your Shar-Pei too, he looks so cute!!

Gianna @ Makeup and Me said...

Thats so exciting! Congratulations love :)

Beauty in the Sky said...

Congrats Hannah, amazing news and that ring is gorgeous!

Cindy Nguyen said...

Congratulations on the engagement. The ring is absolutely gorgeous!

Billi L said...

Wow! Your fiancee is such a romantic :) Congrats girly!! Love the ring

Kitterz00 said...

How amazing! Congrats on the engagement!

Candice said...

Congratulations, how lovely! :)

Hannah said...

Thank you guys :) I am so so excited, already busy planning the wedding. It's going to be October so he didn't give me much time!!

Anonymous said...

Do I need to book my leave soon? :P Congrats ff! Still need to catch up and see the rock for real!! Xxxx

Hannah said...

Haha yeah probably, the wedding is going to be 26th October and its in Geelong! hope that's alright. We are sending save the dates out soon xo

Anna said...

Congratulations!! That is so exciting! How romantic of him!

I am finding wedding planning so fun and exciting, so many possibilities!


Hannah said...

@Anna Really?? I am finding it so so stressful! haha although trying to plan a wedding in a different state is quite the task! When's your wedding going to be?