Monday, November 19, 2012

Review: Model's Prefer BB Cream

While shopping around at Priceline the other day I noticed Model's Prefer have released their own skincare line. One item that really intrigued me is their BB cream. I know what you're thinking....not another westernised tinted moisturiser claiming to be a BB cream in a hope to capitalise on the craze! 

Simple sleek packaging

But this one is different, for starters it is actually made in Korea - so that should give you an idea of how similar it is to the original asian style BB creams.

Great size for travel!

Here is what they say "MP BB cream effectively minimises pores and smooths the skins surface whilst concealing imperfections. BB cream leaves the skin perfectly soft, moisturised and with a flawless glow." The whole skincare line including the BB cream contain the "MP aquaflex system" which is supposed to do all this great stuff but really I think its just a fancy term for locking in moisture. It is dermologically tested, free of parabens and fragrance free, so is perfect for those with sensitive skin.

No wastage with such a thin nozzle

The packaging is a thin, sleek tube with a screw top lid and thin nozzle. It's easy to squeeze and contains 40mL of product. The thin nozzle gives you great control over how much product is dispensed so you don't get any wastage.

Swatched. Heavy on the left & blended out to the right.
In terms of consistency it's thicker than the western BB creams (i.e. Garnier), however, its slightly thinner than traditional asian style BB creams (i.e. Missha). I use my fingers to apply as I find they are best at really melting the product into the skin. It's one of those products that as you apply it your skin looks instantly smoother and evened out. It gives a medium coverage and so can be used in place of foundation, which is how I have been using it. I find that it is quite long-lasting as well. I have been wearing it to work most days and I find it still looks great by the end of the work day.

Just the BB Cream
As you can see this BB cream gives you a really nice glow but it isn't overly dewy (like the Garnier one) so even oily-skinned girls could get away with using this by just adding a powder. It is also pretty good at covering any minor imperfections as you can see in my before & after photos below. 


The one downside is I don't think it contains any SPF. The reason I say I don't think it does is although it sorta smells like my other korean style bb creams (you know the slightly sunscreen-y smell) which do contain SPF it doesn't say anywhere on the packaging that it does. 

All done :)

The Model's Prefer BB Cream comes in two colours Light & Medium. I have the Light and it is a pretty good match for my skin, which is quite pale. It retails for $12.99 which I think is such a great price for what you are getting. This has fast become my favourite BB cream as it gives good coverage but is still quite natural-looking.

Have you tried this? Or are you a bit over the BB cream craze??

Hannah xox


Jen said...

Thanks for this post!! I have only recently started using BB creams as I thought they would be a nice alternative to full foundation over summer.
I have the Rimmel BB cream, but I was a little disappointed it didn't really give much coverage at all.
I will definitely be picking this one up on my next Priceline trip! :)

Sheri said...

Interesting that it's made in Korea! :)
I didn't know MP released a new skincare line!

Angela said...

I've been eyeing this on my last few visits to Priceline! Think I'll pick it up a little later...

You look pretty btw!


Olga A said...

I've always wanted to try BB cream. This one seems like a good option. Great post
- oa

Tiarni said...

this looks really good i dont normally gravitate to bb creams but i will check this out! thanks for sharing :)

Emie L said...

It sounds like a good product to try out. I wanna try it out to see if it works well with my skin. Based upon your reviews and photos, it blends well with the skin.

Hannah said...

@Jen I haven't tried the Rimmel one but from testing it in store I didn't think it looked that great. This one is though, definitely pick it up!!

@Sheri Yeah I know hey! They have a few products out in stores now. I have the milk cleanser which so far I am liking.

@Angela Thankyou :)

@Olga A It's one of the better ones I've come across :)

@Tiarni you're welcome :)

@Emie L It does blend in pretty well you just have to make sure you blend it into the hairline and down the neck, especially if the shade isn't an exact match - like for me.

allprettyandnice said...

Hi there! I'd like to share that Clinique's BB cream is one to try too. It blends easily and is not greasy at all. Suits a wide range of skin types too! x

Vicky Hoang said...

this product looks amazing on you!

Check out my blog at: Caught in a Daze.

Hannah said...

@allprettyandnice Oo I haven't tried Clinique's version yet but I do love the brand. Thanks for the rec xo

@Vicky Thank you :)

Le said...

whilst browsing BB creams and came accross this...thank you, I shall now try this one.
When reading about it on priceline site, it says it has spf in it, so you are good with sunscreen.
thanks again

Le said...

ahhhhh it seems they sell 2 Models prefer BB creams. yours and another.

Hannah said...

Yeah there is two one's in the skincare section and the other is in the makeup section. I haven't tried the makeup section one yet but the white one is my favourite :)