Monday, October 29, 2012

Boyfriend Does My Makeup Tag!

I love watching these tags on Youtube. One day I thought why not give it a crack and do it as a blog post. So here we are!
The set up! All the goodies I gave Blake to play with

If you read my blog you'll probably know my boyfriend's name is Blake and lately he has been working fly in fly out on the mines. As he has finally returned home for good I thought I'd ask him if he was keen, luckily he was!

Assessing his options!

Now Blake being a tradie he is quite a blokey guy, however, he does have to listen to me drone on about makeup quite a bit and has seen me getting ready multiple times, so I thought he might have a chance.

The first strokes..

He started off a bit shaky, deciding to use a combination of bright blue, gold and brown eyeshadow followed by lining the bags of my eyes with black liquid liner, which he subsequently removed when he realised it didn't look quite right.

Blakes attempt at liquid liner!
A bit better...

He actually did alright with the foundation, although he failed to blend down my neck and into my hairline….blush was a different story! He picked the brightest blush he could find and decided to place it on my cheeks and down to my jaw…not my usual blush placement!

My first look!

Blake had an interesting technique to decide which brush to use with which product. It involved smelling each of them and trying to match them up! I almost died when he tried to use my fragile angled blush brush to apply liquid foundation. I know I wasn't supposed to help but I had to stop him with that one!



The end result is pretty amusing! He managed to know where to put most things, however, I think he needs to practice his technique a little bit :P

If you decide to do this or have done it already let me know in the comments! I'd love to see!!

Hannah xox


Stephanie said...

Looks great haha. Good try. Is that a beer I see in Blake's hand? Haha

The Beauty and Lifestyle Hunter said...

Ha ha ha, love it!!!! I doubt my hubby could do much better!

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Hannah said...

@Stephanie Haha Yep! It was only his first so sadly I can't blame the makeup on that :P

@The Beauty and Lifestyle Hunter Haha I'd love to see it if you try it out. I'll def check out your giveaway xo

Tiarni said...

ha ha i love this! atleast he had a crack at it :)

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

WHat a fun idea. So funny.
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Kimmy said...

I fell off my chair when I saw the liquid eyeliner hahaha! Blake oh dear!

emmabovary said...

Haha I love it! Chris is a tradie as well, I think I might get him to do this and see how he fares. Doubt he would do any better than this! ;P You still look good though, good job lol

MªJosé Fernández said...

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Hannah said...

@Tiarni haha yeah thats true!

@GirlieBlogger it's pretty funny, i love these posts/videos that are going around.

@Kim haha I know right, at least he removed it!

@Emma Yes!! do it I want to see. Haha you're too kind really xo

@MJose Thanks xo

Katie Amelia said...

This is great! Theres no way my boyfriend could do a better job haha

Great blog

Katie x

Michelle said...

Haha! That's so funny. I wouldn't be game enough to let my hubby do that. I asked him to help me put my hair in a bun once when I'd cut the top off my thumb and it was a disaster. He's doing a masters degree yet couldn't work out how to use a bobby pin to save his life! I shudder to think how he'd go trying to work out how to use my makeup :-)

GlossQueen said...

Bahahaha, you are so brave letting him touch your make-up!

Hannah said...

@Katie Amelia haha Thank you!!

@Michelle Haha oh no that doesn't sound fun!

@GlosssQueen haha I know right. You should have seen how much of my MAC MSF natural he wasted! I was cringing lol