Monday, March 5, 2012

Beast & Beauty's International Valentine's Day Swap!!

Back in February I signed up to be a part of an international Valentine's Day beauty blogger swap, organised by the lovely Beast & Beauty

As part of the swap I was paired up with an awesome girl by the name of Grace from Graceeetea. Grace lives in New York so I was super excited about being paired up with her as she lives in such an amazing place!

I received my package last week and was BLOWN AWAY by what was inside! Grace was extremely generous!

Can you see what's peeking out there!!

Such a cute note!!

Love the stationary!

Really nice note from Grace

Yummy yummy candy!!!


Couldn't believe my eyes!!

Fresh Primer and Illuminator - have heard good things about these
so what excited to get this.

Mini Sephora Brush Set - Perfect for the handbag for on the go touch ups.


Such gorgeous colours!!

Naked Lip Gloss included - This is nice but kinda wish it
had a Primer Potion instead as I am running out of my other mini ones!

I have been wanting the Naked2 Palette ever since I heard Urban Decay was releasing a follow up to the much loved Naked Palette. I have the original and love it so much I knew I would love the second version too. The colour array in this palette is just as amazing as the first - look out for a more detailed review coming soon!!

It was great getting to know Grace through this swap! Her blog is really cool, not only does she talk about beauty and fashion but there is lots of yummy food pics and an insight into her daily life too. 

I'd like to thank Beast & Beauty for organising this swap and of course Grace for her AMAZING package. I really was blown away when I got this. 

Want to see what I got Grace?? Click here for her post on the swap.

Have you guys ever done a swap??

Hannah xox

***Sorry for all the exclamation marks, as you can imagine this made me pretty excited lol


Gianna @ Makeup and Me said...

So jealous! It looks so amazing :)

Hannah said...

It's pretty amazing, I have to play around with it a bit more but I will have a review and swatches up soon! x

Candice said...

You lucky girl! It looks like such fun!

Candice said...

Oh, thought I might mention that the products you chose for Grace were very Australian! I personally think you made a very good choice!

Hannah said...

Thanks Candice! I of course had to include the paw paw cream for her, it's such a great aussie product xo

Beauty in the Sky said...

Wow Naked2! you got spoiled, can't wait to see what looks you do with this. I still haven't received my swap yet, can't wait to see what I've gotten if Australia Post ever manages to send it to me!

Hannah said...

Thanks Megan :) I did get very spoiled! Haha yeah oz post takes a while to get to Perth!

Grace said...

So glad you loved it! Let me know if you want anything from NY in the future, trade was so funnnn (minus the nervousness I got from AUS post /heartattack) <3 LOL.

Priyanka said...

aAAArghhh!!!! the naked 2!!!! that;s awesome:)

Michelle said...

I'm insanely jealous of you. That is all. :P

Hannah said...

I know guys how spoilt am I!! Still can't believe it lol