Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Little Bit of Love: Valentine's Day Glossy Box

I usually receive my GlossyBox around the end of the month so I was pleasantly surprised when I received this little baby on Valentine's Day!!

This GlossyBox was all about Valentine's Day. It was packaged in a blindingly hot pink box (different from the usual light pink - which I prefer) with pink and white sparkly filling. All the products are supposed to be about making you feel good and look good this Valentine's Day. 

Blinded yet???

Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash 60mL ($39.95/475mL)

Spongeables Heart - full size ($9)
e.l.f. lip gloss - full size ($3.99)
Langlois Natural Olive Lip Balm - full size ($7.95)
Star and Rose Floral Wonderland Emergency Nail Files (price not given)

The first thing in the GlossyBox I noticed was the Shower Gel in a Sponge. It looks so interesting! It says it cleanses, exfoliates, massages and moisturisers and lasts 20+ showers. I am interested to see if it does what it claims, it smells very floral and sweet. This retails for $9 and I think they would make great little gifts!

I was also very excited to receive the Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash (60mL) sample as I have always been curious to try Proactiv but always thought it was too expensive and I didn't know if it would work for my skin. 

There was two lip products in my box this month. An ELF Super Glossy Lip Shine in Wild and a Langlois Natural Olive Lip Balm in Strawberry. I was excited to see an ELF product as I have heard so many good things about them on youtube. However, I do think its a little out of place in a supposed luxury beauty box service. The Langlois lip balm is super nice. It says it is 60% Virgin Olive Oil which I found interesting. It feels really good on the lips and very moisturising. 

The last thing in my box was some mini emergency nail files from Star and Rose. These are so tiny and perfect for your handbag! Oooo and they included some love heart candies, which I lurveeeeeee!

At first I was a bit disappointed with this box, it was extremely hyped up being a "limited edition" box and I had seen that others got a Bobbi Brown mascara which I would have loved as I am a mascara fiend! However, going through the all items again I am pretty happy with it as I know it will all be used.

Were you happy with your box?? How was everyone's Valentine's Day?

Hannah xoxo


Girlie Blogger said...

Please let us know how the Proactiv worked. I need pimple help.

Hannah said...

Will do xo

Beauty in a bottle said...

Your box is a different one from all the others I have seen. I hadn't seen anyone else get the spongeable hearts. They look so cute!

Hannah said...

They do! Still have to try it out and see how it performs but it smells really nice too xo