Sunday, November 27, 2011

Update and some Italian cosmetics!!

Hey guys,

I have been a bad blogger I know. My reasons for not posting?? Well I have been a bit busy becoming a new aunty! My sis had her baby on Wednesday morning a little boy named Logan :) He's such a cutie!

Blake and I have also been very busy renovating and gardening. We scored a whole lot of free plants this weekend from my mum's new neighbours so we have been putting them in all day! But don't worry because I'm back now and will have a few hauls coming soon. I went a bit mad online shopping (some for xmas presents and some for me) and am currently waiting on 5 packages haha I told you I went mad. 

Today I wanted to share some items I have had for a little while that mum kindly bought me when she visited Italy earlier this year. They are from Italian brand Kiko Cosmetics, which I had never heard of before but was very impressed with given the pretty packaging and super bright colours. 

I think she went a bit blue crazy when she bought these as I got a navy blue nail polish, a turquoise waterproof liquid liner, a dark shimmery mineralised eyeshadow and a four colour palette containing a bright purple, dark blue, light blue and black.

Kiko Colour Sphere Eye Shadow in No 26 (RRP 5.90EUR ~$8AUD)

This mineralised eyeshadow is a gorgeous purpley black colour with a tonne of shimmer. It has gorgeous pink and purple duo chromes throughout which look amazing when the sun hits it. I am yet to wear this on my eyes but its swatches beautifully. The packaging is great too, to me it is a cross between the Nars rubbery black packaging and the MAC packaging. 

Here it is swatched. On the left is it applied dry without a primer and on the right is it applied wet still with no primer. 

I know this next picture is super blurred but I had to show you so you could see the gorgeous sparkles in this shadow.

Kiko Colour Fever Eyeshadow Palette in 06 Elegant Nocturnal Tones (RRP 12.90EUR ~$17.60AUD)

This palette is really bright and super pigmented! At first I was worried I wouldn't get much use out of it but it's now my new favourite for creating my night out eyes. I love using the black and the dark blue for a navy smokey eye. The packaging of this is amazing, especially considering it is only the equivalent of $17 aussie dollars. It comes in a velvet pouch, much like your luxury makeup brands and the case is a gorgeous bronze colour with a huge mirror inside. 

I couldn't believe my eyes when I swatched these shadows. They appear exactly the same as the pan!

Swatched in the sun
Swatched in the shade

Kiko Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in 03 (RRP 5.90EUR ~$8AUD)

When this eyeliner says it's waterproof you better believe it. Swatch this with caution people! I had this on my hand for no kidding three days without fading or means business. I would also advise caution when applying as it can be pretty hard to remove. But it is stunning, the colour isn't one I would wear on a daily basis but for when I am feeling experimental it is beautiful.


Kiko Nail Lacquer - I can't seem to find an identifiable colour or number but its royal blue lol (RRP3.90EURO ~$5.30AUD)

I haven't tried this polish out yet so I can't comment on formula but the colour is very pretty. It's a royal blue colour that has turquoise duo chrome.

I feel very jealous of those of you that have a Kiko shop near you. I would love to trawl through it, especially considering the surprisingly cheap prices! I guess there is always Ebay haha

Have you guys tried this brand?? Do you rock super bright colours??

Hannah xoxo

Ps Do you like my new product photos? I made a light-box last weekend so now I can take photos when it's dark or the weathers crap :)


Beauty in the Sky said...

I love the look of these products, especially that eyeshadow palette. Your mum picked out some gorgeous things!

prettymom said...

nice mum to pick up nice loots for you :)

i find that a lot of blue liners have 'amazing' staying powers. i've learned to steer away from them because i have the hardest time removing them. they stain my eyes for days!

Hannah said...

@Megan I know, they are gorgeous. I wish we had them here in Oz!

@Prettymom Yeah I wore this one weekend and still could see bits of it on my eye for days haha

emmabovary said...

Some beautiful goods there, I can't believe how up market that palette looks and how tiny the price tag is! I would love to know more about the light box you made, I am feeling frustrated that I don't have enough time to take product shots!

Hannah said...

I know I couldn't believe the prices were so cheap for such great quality products and packaging! I've just put up a post on my lightbox and how I made it, it's really simple to do and just quietly I have a lot of fun making it haha