Saturday, April 27, 2013

Review: Australis All Over Face & Body Tint

A lot of people are comparing Australis All Over Face & Body Tint* to MAC's Face & Body Foundation and although they may look the same in my opinion that is where the similarities end.

Australis may have taken inspiration from the packaging of the MAC foundation but I don't think they were trying to replicate it. For starters they call it a tint not a foundation, which is exactly what it is.

Australis says "This all over Face & Body formula provides skin with a sheer lightweight tint to enhance skin tone. A blend of natural emollients including Jojoba, Pomegranate, Rosehip and Avocado oils help to moisturise, condition and evenly distribute pigments. The sheer natural looking coverage is easy to blend and ideal for your complexion all over."

From the several times I have used this product I would say that the description they give matches it to a tee. It is very sheer and when applied you can barely tell you are wearing anything at all apart from the fact that it makes your skin feel moisturised. 

If you are someone who doesn't like wearing a lot of makeup or has naturally great skin then you will probably love this product. For me I tend to like a bit more coverage than this so I have been using it underneath my foundation or bb cream as a base layer to add some extra moisture to my dry skin.


The picture on the left is me bare faced (eeeek) and the one on the right is with a layer of the tint applied. As you can see it doesn't offer much coverage but does even out your skin tone.

I find the best way to apply this is with the fingers as they manage to blend it seamlessly into the skin. There is a slight scent to it, most likely from the oils it contains. I don't mind the smell although if you are sensitive to smells you might not enjoy it.

All done up using the tint as a base for my foundation

It comes in three shades; light, medium and dark. As the formula is quite sheer & blends really well into the skin most people should be able to find a match within these three shades. If not though you can always mix the shades together to find your perfect match.

Australis All Over Face & Body Tint contains a huge 94mL and retails for $19.95AUD so it'll last you a far while which is great. It can be purchased from Priceline or anywhere that stocks Australis cosmetics.

Have you tried out this product? What are your thoughts?

Hannah xox

*Product provided by PR. All opinions are my own & 100% honest as per my disclosure statement.


Verity said...

I recently bought this too and it is a lot sheerer than I expected but its sooo moisturising!

Hannah said...

Yeah I wasn't expecting it to be this sheer but I still love it to wear under foundation or with just concealer on good skin days!

Angela said...

Great review! I liked how you used the pictures to show before and after.

Would appreciate if you checked out my blog :)

The Jana Collection said...

Hey, great review! We love your blog and we thought you might like us too? We're even running a competition so you can win a free mini-cosmetics kit to sweeten the deal… x JC Team

Sarah morethanadored said...

I really want to try this I'm yet too but I'm in two minds about it. I'm not sure any of the shades would suit me too!

Great post :)


Michelle C said...

I haven't tried either! I think I'd want a bit more coverage than the Australis tint can offer. Great review.xx

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clarice said...

great review!love it!

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